Winter Painting

Eddie Shekari
January 22, 2016

Some people don?t think to get exterior painting work done in the winter as they believe it?s too cold. However, you can paint down to 35 degrees now, so that isn?t stopping us from painting Houston! Of course you can always do interior work as well. If you missed getting touch ups done before the holidays, now is the perfect time to call and get an estimate, since the hustle and bustle has died down. Maybe you need some wall covering repairs, or stains covered in the hallways and other high traffic areas. We here at Pro Painters?Houston Tx would be delighted to take care of this for you! You may be worried about the paint odor being too much without opening your windows in the winter air, but fear not, we can use low odor paint to combat this issue.

We also do quite a bit of apartment complex repaints, so if you own one and are experiencing a high number of people moving in and out you could really use our help getting those rooms ready for new residents! Don?t forget that we do commercial painting in Houston as well! We?re eager to assist with fixing up your building any time of the year.

There are some problems that you can run across trying to paint in the winter, but they are easily remedied. For interior painting, there are some steps you can take to help your paint dry faster. With latex paints the water in them evaporates before a water soluble solvent in the paint does, causing a film to form. It can take longer to dry due to the humidity and the glycerine in the paint, so if this is something you are concerned about then try using an electric heater and fan nearby the paint to keep the air warm. You can even rent a dehumidifier to remove excess water from the air, if necessary. What makes a world of difference is the insulation on the house. If it?s an older home with no insulation then it will take much longer to dry, but if it?s a newer well insulated home then the temperature outside will have far less effect on paint drying time. As a rule, wood is a bad insulator, while fiberglass batting and extruded polystyrene foam are better. For exterior painting, you want to watch out for thick coats sagging from the long drying time. It can take a whole week to fully dry!

We want to help you out during this season as much as possible, so if you call to schedule an estimate before the month of March we will offer you savings for your winter project! So don?t hesitate, now is the perfect time to start that long awaited paint project with Pro Painters.

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Eddie Shekari

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