Why Pressure Wash Your House? Here are 5 Reasons

Eddie Shekari
October 29, 2018

Have you ever noticed how much your home?s exterior accumulates dirt, grime, mold, and mildew over the course of time from everyday wear and tear? This can quickly cause your once fresh paint job to start looking lackluster and dull, but there is a solution. Pressure washing, also known as power washing, is a method that utilizes a high-pressure mechanical sprayer called a pressure washer to remove unwanted dust, dirt and grime, and mold and mildew from exterior surfaces and is easily one of the most convenient ways to maintain or refresh the exterior look of your home. We?ve trimmed the benefits of pressure washing down to a top 5 list of why you should pressure wash your house.


#1 Pressure washing is environmentally friendly


Cleaning methods often require the use of harsh chemicals; while there is no doubt that they do successfully and effectively complete the job, these abrasive chemicals can harm our environment. Because a pressure wash consists of high-velocity water usage from a pressure washer, absolutely no harsh chemicals are used to perform exterior cleaning of a home or business. In fact, pressure washing actually uses LESS water than if one were to use a garden hose to complete the same job. By using high pressure, less water is required to wipe off mold and mildew, dirt, and dust and grime – this can save up to 75% of water!

benefits of pressure washing

#2 Pressure washing protects your home AND your health


We?ve already told you how a good pressure wash helps the environment, but did you know it can help you and your loved ones too? By removing all unwanted dust, dirt, mold and grime, mildew, and allergens, pressure washing will reduce, if not completely obliterate, the number of contaminants your walls build up. You?ll be left with purer air, which is helpful if any family members suffer from allergies, or if you?re just wanting to live in a cleaner environment since it removes all allergens and irritants that may trigger health issues. Also, because pressure washing removes all built up layers on surfaces, it is considered a great preventative measure to minimize decay of your deck, patio, or driveway – which is beneficial as a long-term goal to sustain the appearance of your home?s exterior.


#3 Pressure washing is cost effective


We love to save money just as much as you do. A pressure wash is cost effective because it is not as pricey as replacing your deck, patio, or other concrete surfaces – all typical ways to update the exterior. Pressure washing will still offer the same results through exterior cleaning and will keep your business? or home?s exterior looking freshly new!

benefits of pressure washing


#4 Pressure washing saves you time


Have you ever exhausted all of your energy and time, trying to scrub off the grime from a surface with little to no result? Luckily, pressure washing isn?t a method that is time-consuming. In fact, pressure washing actually SAVES you time. It cleans fairly quickly since the pressure of the spray is extremely high, so your exterior will be restored in no time, to a condition that will make your business? or home?s exterior appear as if you spent hours restoring it!

#5 Pressure washing increases curb appeal


Walkways and driveways, as well as other concrete surfaces, are known to collect layers of dirt and grime pretty quickly. A solid pressure wash can easily clean buildup and restore these surfaces back to the new condition they were once in, which automatically improves your home?s curb appeal. Curb appeal often also is based on a home?s or building?s siding – the cleaner the siding appears to be, the higher the curb appeal will be as well.  


Are you convinced as to why you should pressure wash your house? Don?t hesitate to contact us today to hire a professional to wash your home! While there are many great benefits of pressure washing, it still can be dangerous if not performed by an experienced professional. No need to worry though, Pro Painters has you covered. Our team has multiple years of experience in this area and would love to freshen up your home?s or business? exterior, patio, or deck today so that you too can take advantage of the great benefits that a professional pressure wash has to offer!


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