Wallpaper is making a Comeback!

Eddie Shekari
September 12, 2016

Remember how wallpaper was all the rage in the 70?s and 80?s? Every wall was covered in a funky pattern and you weren?t cool if you didn?t have one, but once the fad got old, people didn?t know how to properly remove the coverings themselves. Some people went so far as to damage their walls, giving wallpaper a bad name in the 90?s, and causing sales to plummet. Believe it or not, now wallpaper sales are on the upside once again! But why?

Jon Sherman, president of Flavor Paper explains: ?Compared to paint, wall coverings offer more variety, depth, and branding opportunities. With digital technology, you can customize coverings to reinforce your brand and add interest to the workplace. For example, instead of painting their conference room walls white, Google has a foggy San Francisco bay mural on the wall…conveying brand essence is much more of a millennial way to build recognition as opposed to the old-school ?here?s your logo? approach.?

Beyond that, part of the resurgence in wall coverings is due to the economy picking up after 2011, causing people to get back to renovations that were overlooked and put off before. This rings true particularly in the hospitality industry. The durability and design of wallpaper make it ideal for hallways in hotels and such. Doesn?t that make you want to go on a trip and check out the latest walls in the hotel of your choice?

What specifically is coming back into style? Actually, floral and color-changing inks are growing in interest now, just like they did 30 years ago. However, LED coverings are currently trending, too, because having lights embedded into the walls adds a strong ambiance and drama to any room, but it?s quite expensive and definitely requires professional installation. You really shouldn?t try to put up or take down wallpaper yourself, because not only is it an extremely daunting task, but if you make a mistake and damage your wall, a contractor will just have to come over and repair it before you paint or stick something over it.

Pro Painters, your Houston painting company, handles wallpaper removal and installation all the time during our Houston residential painting projects. We can tackle these tasks for commercial jobs, too, should the need arise. Just give us a ring if you have some wall covering in need of our specialized assistance and we?ll be happy to help!

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