Vantablack is the World’s Blackest Material

Eddie Shekari
September 2, 2016

Vantablack is a mega-black coating that made the world record for world?s darkest manmade substance. Originally developed for satellite-borne blackbody calibration systems, it has now found widespread application due to its special optical and physical properties. It started off being applied by using vacuum deposition technology, but now Vantablack comes in a spray that can be applied to any surface. It?s made up of light-absorbing carbon tubes that trap 99.965% of incoming light which will make 3D objects look 2D. Now with the spray, Vantablack S-VIS, absorbing 99.8% of incoming light, it defies spectrometers because they are unable to quantify its blackness.

Vantablack actually absorbs more than only visible light, rather an entire range of the spectrum, even what is invisible to the human eye. Used in luxury goods and space-borne scientific instrumentation, it offers a range of design possibilities since it deceives the eye.

Vantablack was designed to reduce unwanted stray light from a large range of applications including high-performance infrared cameras, sensors, scientific instruments, satellite-borne calibration sources, and to provide a unique aesthetic effect in some high-end luxury products. Solar power development also uses this product due to its ability to absorb light energy and convert it to heat.

Vantablack has an ultra low reflectance, absorbing 99.965% of light; very high front to back thermal conduction; it?s superhydrophobic; has very high thermal shock resistance; resistance to extreme shock and vibration; low outgassing and mass loss; and excellent BDRF and TIS performance. All in all, this material outperforms all other commercial super-black coatings.

Something to keep in mind is that only verified companies who have identified the nature of their proposed use of the product can order a sample of Vantablack. It?s not currently available to private individuals. This product is made in the UK at a special facility. The creators work closely with their clients to allow engagement during its design since Vantablack undergoes a complex and capital intensive process during its application. What does it come out looking like, you ask? Some say it resembles a black hole! Since almost no light is reflected from the surface, the human eye is prevented from detecting any surface detail on Vantablack covered items. How cool is that?!

Despite how neat Vantablack appears, it should not be touched for any reason. The surface will be easily damaged by any direct abrasion or impact and Vantablack itself consists mainly of free space, so it would be like touching the surface underneath.

Curious about this innovative new product? You can read more about Vantablack here. We here at Pro Painters, your Houston painting contractor, don?t expect to get any requests to use this material any time soon for Houston commercial painting, but would jump on it should the opportunity present itself!

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