Update Your Dresser

Eddie Shekari
January 12, 2018

Houston interior house painting doesn?t have to be about your walls. Why not make a fun craft project out of decorating some furniture? We have a step by step guide of how to update your dresser to turn it into a true work of art!

Prep the Surface

You?ll start by washing the surface of the dresser with mild soap and water. Make sure to rinse it off thoroughly and wipe it dry. Take a Sherwin Williams? #220 sanding pad and lightly sand the surface which will be painted. This will remove any existing finish from the stained or painted wood and smooth down splinters or rough patches that can be found in raw wood. Be certain t wear a respirator to protect yourself during this step. If you do end up sanding down to bare wood, you can prime with Premium Wall & Wood Primer.

Paint Base Color

Next you will add two coats of a base color to the drawer fronts with a small paint roller. If you want to use white, try Sherwin Williams 7006 Extra White. Allow it to dry for two hours before applying another coat.

Plan Your Design

Then sketch out a design to use on a sketch pad with a pencil. You will use this as a guide to place, trace, and paint your pattern onto the dresser. Use a straight edge or tape measurer to mark the design on the front of your dresser with the same pencil.


After this you will take tape to make the shapes of your design on the drawer. We suggest using a low tack tape so it doesn?t pull off any of the tape from the previous coat when you do the second one.


Following the tape, you will paint your first color in the appropriate areas by coloring inside the tape with a paintbrush or mini roller. It?s easiest to start with the lightest color first. When that color has dried, after 1-2 hours, remove the tape. Then you will tape off the area again for your second color. Follow the same steps as before but wait 2-4 hours to ensure everything is dry before you touch it or open the drawer.

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