Traditional Twist Wallpaper

Eddie Shekari
January 26, 2018

Did you know that wallpaper is coming back in style with a bang? To aide in this growing trend, Sherwin Williams has partnered with HGTV Home to launch a line of wallpaper collections for your choosing. We like the one called ?Traditional Twist? and will focus on it ahead. The special wallpapers featured here offer traditional shades reinvented with striking patterns in colors you can use all over your home. What?s not to love about that?

Collection Examples

Some choice examples from ?Traditional Twist? are HGTV Home by SW Easy Change, which shows wallpapers with colored flowers, some neutral almost solid looking shades, and geometric shapes. This look could inspire any mother trying to decorate a home suitable for every member of the family. There is also HGTV Home II by SW Easy Change, which consists of soft blues with faux wood, floral patterns, stripes, and even some overlapping letters. HGTV Home III also focuses on various blue hues, but these verge on gray and have geometric patterns which almost look like optical illusions. With all of these choices, who wouldn?t want a ?Traditional Twist? collection in their home?

Other HGTV Options

If the ?Traditional Twist? collection isn?t your style, you can also check out other wallpaper collections that HGTV came up with, like Coastal Cool, which utilizes white in an original fashion; Color Pizzazz, a line to give bright colors a chance; or Rustic Refined, aka: neutral colors meet birds. You can view all of the different options here:

Find Your Vision

This whole line HGTV created is meant to subside your interior decorating headache by making a clear, simple path to follow for updating your home. Remodeling everything requires such a pristine vision that you don?t want to go into it lost on what you are trying to achieve. If you watch all of the home hunter TV shows then you very well know this already. Don?t let indecision stop you from creating your most beautiful home!

What About Paint?

HGTV also calls out an interior paint, called Ovation, and tools to help you apply it. They have an angle sash brush, roller frame, roller cover, protection mat, masking tape, and foamfit gloves to ensure you purchase everything necessary for your painting project in one swipe. This can get pricey on your own which is why we suggest giving us a ring to take care of it all for you.

Pro Painters, your Houston painting contractor, is happy to help remove or install your wallpaper for you, once you?ve made the ultimate pattern selection. We do have a wide array of specialties to help remodel your home and Houston interior painting is one of them, if you decide wallpaper isn?t your thing. We love standing back and admiring a well done wall, regardless of whether it?s from smooth paint application or bubble-less wallpaper. We know what to do to make your home look wonderful so don?t hesitate to reach out today!

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