Touchups to Sell Your Home

Eddie Shekari
July 1, 2016

When aiming to sell your house, it?s hard to know what exactly sticks out the most or is liable to make potential home buyers turn away in disgust, but with this quick guide I can help you figure that out! Remember, we here at Pro Painters are always ready to help you get your home looking perfect to put it on the market, so don?t hesitate to give us a ring for Houston interior painting.

First and foremost, you should make sure your house is well painted. What I mean by this is ensure that the paint job wasn?t done in a sloppy manner and all cracks were covered completely. If not, that should be remedied immediately.

Next, guarantee your entryway is touched up with no sign of marks, since it?s the first impression home buyers will see when they walk in. The last thing you want is for a happy couple to turn gloomy over a poor entrance to your humble abode.

Pay special attention to the kitchen and bathrooms since these always receive extra scrutiny from the people interested in buying the house. For your kitchen, a light color will make it appear bigger and you should definitely remove any food stains from the walls or fix water spots with primer and a coat of touchup paint.

Also, be sure to check your windowsills and sand, prime, and paint any sill where people may stop to look out during their tour. They could stumble across something gross by complete happenstance and that would be rather unfortunate for you.

Don?t forget to review woodwork and be sure to touch up marred or chipped paint on chair rails and floor molding. These can easily be fixed but are just as easily looked over and forgotten about by many homeowners.

Then you want to go over areas which come into frequent contact with soiled hands, like doorframes and door edges, window frames, and the walls around light switches. Especially if you have children, these places are dirtier than you think just passing by and watchful eyes will catch it. You can clean smudged or dirty spots if glossier paint was used there, but if not you?ll have to do touch ups. Cabinet doors should be treated this way as well.

Something important to note is that water stains on ceilings are often a deal breaker for prospective buyers, so be aware of this and take care of those, and naturally, your roof, too.

Finally, go over every section of the house looking for stray flecks of paint, marks, and stains so everything can be concealed. And then, you?ll be good to go! We are available, whatever your Houston painting needs, and anxiously await helping you out.

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Eddie Shekari

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