Tips and Techniques on Painting Ceilings, Walls, Windows, and Doors

Eddie Shekari
September 18, 2015

Bringing in a fresh new coat of paint to your living space is fun and exciting, but it?s understandable that certain projects can be daunting no matter how wonderful they may be. This is why we?re here to offer you a few helpful tips and techniques for painting some of the most common places in your home. Just remember, even though it can be fun to do some projects yourself, we always recommend utilizing the expertise of your local Houston Painting Contractor, Pro Painters.

The first thing you should be aware of when starting any painting project is to thoroughly clean the surfaces you will be working with. If there are any pockmarks or damages it is important to have these filled, sanded, and primed prior to beginning. Also, if you plan on painting the ceiling, this will be the best place to start.

First begin by attaching an extension pole to your hand roller, then pouring your paint into a tray. When loading your roller, do not submerge it into the paint, instead, gently glide the roller back and forth in the tray while each time dabbing it into the paint. You want your roller to be saturated, not dripping. It?s best to apply the paint in smaller sections, and then work outward, all the while doing your best to avoid any edge marks from the roller. The ceiling corners should be avoided and done with a 4-inch brush, due to the spacial limitations of the roller. After you have painted a few sections, it?s good to go over them again with a few broad strokes to blend it all in. It is recommended that you coat each surface at least twice as well as wearing safety goggles to protect your eyes from any possible drips or splatters.

Painting walls is much like painting the ceiling, it is best to use an evenly saturated roller. Once again the corners should be painted with a 4-inch brush at least 3 inches away from the angle. If at any time you decide to take a break, you should never leave your rollers and brushes sitting in paint. They must be thoroughly cleaned and any open paint containers should also be properly sealed.

When working with window seals, it is recommended that you remove the handles or any other hardware, as this will allow a much cleaner finish in the end. Starting with the top center areas and then working down, use a 1-inch brush to gently apply even strokes in the same direction. The order of application should be: muntins, sash, frame, and then sill. Once you have finished, it?s ideal to let the window stay open until the paint has thoroughly dried, this will prevent the window from being painted shut. If any paint accidentally gets on the glass, this can be easily taken off with a razor after the paint dries; just be sure to do so carefully.

Doors can be handled much like a window, but on a larger scale. Like before, it is important to be aware of the metal hardware and hinges. It is optimal to take off these items or completely remove the door altogether. Although, if you feel that is too overly difficult, some strategically placed painter?s tape could do the trick. First you should begin by painting the more difficult areas, such as the door frame and the inset panels, if there are any. These trickier areas should be done with a 1 to 2-inch brush. Let each coat dry before applying another, as this will allow a cleaner finish in the end. Once you feel these areas are well worked, you can now begin using a roller on the large faces of the door. The roller yields not only a swifter pace, but a more even coat. Paint one side of the door first, and then the other side after the first has thoroughly dried; this will prevent any unwanted fingerprints.

We hope these tips and techniques have been helpful. Sometimes it?s those little precise details that really bring a project together. Learning little tricks here and there can add a certain level of professionalism to your craft. However, you can always have it done by a pro and contact Houston painting services if you feel a job is too big or complex!

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