The Best Specialty Coating for Your Project

Eddie Shekari
August 18, 2017

Whether you?re trying to update some furniture, or recoat some tile, choosing the right specialty coating for your DIY project is really important. The right coating will add functionality as well as aesthetics to your project.

Recoating Tile

When your tiles need a fresh update, adding a new coat can add durability and longevity. Rust-Oleum’s XIM Advanced Technology UMA Bonder and topcoat is known for bonding well to glossy surfaces like porcelain, tile, and glass. Perfect for interior and exteriors, this product is low in Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), that other brands may have, and low odor.

Covering Rust

Though it?s recommended to sand down and clean all surfaces before painting, sometimes you just want to cut costs and find something durable to paint over. Sherwin-Williams Opti-Bond Multi-Surface Coating inhibits rust and dries quickly in one coat. This product is especially resistant to corrosion and long-lasting.

Scrubbable Paint

With children and pets constantly making a mess, it is hard to find a paint that is harm-free and scrubbable. Miller Paint Co. Water-Based Acrylic Epoxy is chemically resistant for any accidental animal bathroom breaks, and washable for impromptu marker art.

Repainting Chipped Steel

Chipped steel banisters are hard to avoid with expected wear and tear over the years. PPG Paint?s PITTHANE Ultra Gloss Urethane Enamel retains gloss and color and holds up well to any abuse.

Coating the Porch

The porch or deck can get a lot of wear from being a high traffic area. PPG Paint Break Through! 250 Interior/Exterior Gloss Water-Borne Acrylic is so tough and durable it is used in stadiums. This product can keep your porch and deck pristine without the need for constant touch ups.

Refinishing Wood

When you need to make some woodwork pop, using stains and varnishes can be the perfect project to update your house. The complete Saman line is a sustainable Canadian brand that carries about 20 different colors. The brand is fast drying, doesn?t strip the wood, and is perfect for kitchen cabinets, wooden handrails, or wood furniture.

Choosing the right specialty coating for your project will add durability and keep you from having to touch-up after years of wear. When your project is a success and you?re ready to transform your room with a new paint color, Pro Painters is here for you. We are trusted for house painting in Houston for the past 20 years. Pro Painters provides interior and exterior Houston painting services. Your satisfaction is our number one priority, and we can guide you every step of the way, from color selection for inviting interiors to weather protection on eye-catching exteriors.

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