Strip It Good

Eddie Shekari
February 24, 2017

Sometimes people don?t realize the necessity of stripping furniture effectively before applying new paint. A fresh coat of paint won?t actually cover old paint evenly, so make the stripping process your first step of the project.

Apply Stripper

It?s important to completely strip away any stains or old paint from wood furniture before applying a new finish. You should use a liquid and a paste stripper for the job: liquid removes thin finishes and small parts that can be dipped while paste strips thick layers of finish. To prepare for this, place newspapers and a canvas drop cloth under your piece of furniture to protect the floor. Then, brush on the stripper from the top down. Make sure you don?t re-brush the stripper to even it out, just leave it alone.

Scrape the Finish Off

After the stripper has dried, scrape off the old finish with a wide-bladed putty knife. If you slightly round the corners of a metal knife with a file it will prevent gouging the wood. As an alternative, you can try a plastic putty knife, which is still good and also inexpensive.

Steel Wool

If you have any irregular, like turned legs or carved moldings, use steel wool over them. You can begin with a coarse grade of steel wool (double aught) to remove most of the material and then go back over it with very fine steel wool (triple or four aught).

Wire Brush

Next, use an old toothbrush or wire brush on carved or round surfaces. Don?t forget that legs, bed posts, and stylized carvings will need extra attention due to their recessed details. Once the surrounding areas have been stripped, you may brush fresh stripper into the recessed areas to let the stripper work. Remove old finish and the stripper with a soft brass wire brush or toothbrush.

Wash Off Residue

Keep in mind that if you don?t remove all of the stripper the new finish won?t adhere well. Be certain to wash down the piece with paint thinner and a rag. Once the piece is clean, you might find areas where some of the old finish has remained intact. Reapply the stripper to the area, remove it after the allotted time, and then rinse it again with the thinner.

Pro Painters, your Houston painting contractor, may not strip furniture, but we are happy to strip paint from your walls as a side project to your furniture renewal. We also perform other Houston interior painting services, such as staining cabinets if you need a picker upper in your kitchen. Reach out to us today for your other remodeling needs!

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