Spray Guns to Get the Job Done

Eddie Shekari
July 15, 2016

Sure, brushing and rolling are great ways to get your paint job done, but what about the difficult ones with a large area to cover? That?s when a spray gun comes in handy. Don?t know how to use one? That?s when you call in professionals like us, your Houston painting company, Pro Painters, to get the job done.

Spray guns come in many different shapes and sizes, depending on the job type they were made for. When picking out spraying guns, professionals suggest that brands such as Graco, Airlessco, Wagner, and Titan are the way to go. Experts recommend the Titan Impact 440, the Wagner Power Painter, the Graco FinishPro II 595 PC Pro, the Graco Ultra 395 PC, and the Graco FinishPro II 395 PC for smaller projects such as trim work, staining, spraying a deck finish, and other low and medium viscosity materials. For larger paint jobs, experts recommend Graco Ultra Max II 695, 795 Electric Airless Sprayers, Titan Impact 740, Titan Capspray 75 HVLP, the Wagner Procoat, and the Graco GM 3500 Airless Paint Sprayer.

Bill Harrison ,expert painter and owner of A&S Painting, relies on the brand Wagner for his painting jobs stating ?one of the reasons I often avoid spray guns is the setup and cleanup. But this one is really easy to take apart and clean.?

For professional and long time fan of spray guns Joel Hamberg, different brands are better for different projects. For smaller projects Hamberg prefers the Titan Impact 440 stating that ?it has consistent pressure, which you can also dial way down if you need to.? For normal everyday projects Hamberg prefers the Airlessco ProSpray 606 stating ?I?ve probably had mine for close to 20 years. It has a very strong motor and consistent strong pressure.? For larger commercial work, Hamberg recommends the Graco GM 3500 Airless Paint Sprayer stating that ?it?s easy to move around and is great for high production exteriors or interiors. It?s just a fantastic sprayer.?

Wagner SprayTech Corp develops and markets a wide variety of painting and designing products used in home improvement projects and commercial painting. Titan Tool has been operating for 30 years and is one of the top selling paint sprayer companies in the U.S. Graco Inc. has been a number one leading provider of pumps and spray equipment for construction, maintenance, manufacturing, and processing industries since 1926. Since 1975 Airlessco has been producing products that provide superior service. So whatever your Houston interior painting job may be you can bet there is a brand out there who has you covered!

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Eddie Shekari

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