Spec Tool Chooses Your Ideal Paint

Eddie Shekari
October 14, 2016

When starting a painting project, sometimes the hardest part can be simply picking the right paint to use. It?s not just about color, but brand, texture, and coating as well. What if you choose the wrong one and hate the end result? This is why Sherwin Williams came up with the free online tool, SpecExpress, to make the paint selection process fast and simple.

Every project is unique, so you want to be able to choose your paint based on the specific criteria for your individual needs. SpecExpress goes through a five-step process to help select the right paint products for your project. First, it allows you to enter whether you need paint for interior, exterior, or high-performance coatings. Then, it lets you choose the substrate you are covering. Next, you select the paint type for your job. After it narrows down the options, it then produces a paint specification document showing coating options that meet the performance, aesthetic requirements, and durability needed for residential or commercial projects (in various sheens). How cool is that?

So how do you keep this information to have it at the ready? The specification is written in a CSI format which can be downloaded as a Word, WP, or RTF file. It can be used in its entirety or added to a project master specification, including only products that meet the criteria for that particular project. The 3-part CSI also includes a list of topcoats and paired primers, which can help you further customize your project. What an awesome add-on!

Sherwin Williams still wants you to be aware that this program does not include an exhaustive list of all of their products. It is intended to be a guide and you should edit the contents to suit the particular needs of the project and its respective location. Although, aside from these minor limitations, the SpecExpress program serves as an invaluable tool to save you a great deal of time and effort.

Kristin McNamara, a commercial segment marketing director for Sherwin Williams, says ?Time is a precious commodity, and SpecExpress helps you maximize it.? Not only do the paint manufacturers understand how important your time is, but we do, too. Pro Painters, your Houston commercial painting company, is happy to take care of the tedious task of selecting the paint and completing the work for any of your projects. We do all kinds of Houston painting services, from drywall to carpentry to power washing, so we can complete your job from top to bottom and start to finish. Give us a ring any day between 9 and 6 or fill out the form on the website and we will set you up to receive a free estimate with one of our project managers.

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