Six Exterior Stains for the Win

Eddie Shekari
September 30, 2016

You may wonder, how do I know which stain to use on which type of wood or how long it will last? Well, it?s more complicated than you may think. The environment plays a role, too, with various kinds of brutal weather giving your coat a beating, so relying on professionals to give you tips is a good idea.

Log Home Maintenance and Supply owner, Skip Byers, suggests Sashco?s Transfomration Stain, Log, and Timber. As someone who has worked with wood for 25 years and used it on his own log home, we trust his opinion. It has a wide array of color options, is durable, and shows the grain nicely.

Mark Lange of Careful Painting, Inc. swears by Benjamin Moore?s ARBORCOAT Waterborne Exterior Stain for most exterior projects. It doesn?t leave lap marks like a lot of stains, which is extremely important with dark colors in particular. It also sprays and touches up well, and all for a reasonable price.

For deck work, Lange turns to Benjamin Moore?s ARBORCOAT Classic Oil Finishes (semi-solid). It lasts longer than the semi-transparent and can usually cover with just one coat.

Luis Dominquez, the owner of Dominquez Expert painters, likes Sikkens? ProLuxe Cetol Log & Siding, Sikkens? ProLuxe Cetol SRD, and Sascho?s Capture Log Stain for log-home projects. They are all easy to apply and durable.

?I prefer the semi-solid because it?s lower maintenance and there?s less chance of peeling,? Ray Rahni of Paint Track Painting Services claims of Benjamin Moore?s ARBORCOAT Premium Exterior Stain. He recommends sanding followed by a coat of the semi-solid if you have new, untreated wood and the solid finish for old wood.

For hard or exotic woods like mahogany, cedar, and redwood, DEFY?s Deck Stain for Hardwoods works better, according to Rahni, because it is specifically formulated to penetrate dense woods.

For vertical wood exterior surfaces, Matthew Smith of Chameleon Colors, Inc., turns to Sikkens? ProLuxe Cetol Log & Siding, which holds a translucent, high-performance satin finish.

Sikkens ProLuxe Cetol Door & Window also reaches the top of his list since it is designed to prevent weathering. Sikkens? stains last longer and are the most durable. Smith swears by this product line because he feels it?s important to use the best material out there, regardless of high cost.

With the experience Tom Lopatosky has with painting home exteriors and decks, he knows the difference in their needs.

?Benjamin Moore?s ARBORCOAT Waterborne Exterior Stain is a solid system,? he says. ?We find it to be more fade resistant than many other stains on the market.? However, with decks, C2 Guard, C2 Paint?s clear water protectant, acts as the best clear protectant for just guarding a bare-wood deck against moisture. It?s available for wood and masonry with a clear option and 15 semi-transparent stain colors.

Whichever option you choose to work with, Pro Painters would be pleased to assist in your deck staining project. We will even power wash it for you before continuing with any Houston exterior painting work. We can do any other Houston painting services you require, so just give us a call!

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