Removable Paint is a Reality

Eddie Shekari
July 11, 2016

Off the Wall Paints is a company hailing from Cedartown, Georgia and they have just come up with a wonderful new innovative idea for Houston interior painting. They have launched a line of removable latex paint! This ground breaking product, known as OTW paint, can be used as conventional paint in settings where the adornment of the room changes often. These settings could include apartments, rental homes, dorms, military housing, children’s bedrooms, or classrooms. This product is great for short term living situations and can also be matched to any color that fits your needs. Just be aware that it only has a one year limited warranty. OTW paint was designed with the idea that paint should not be permanent or limited, rather it should be exciting and versatile. It is intended for indoor use only and should be used in rooms that are well ventilated and above 45 degrees in temperature.

OTW paint can be removed with ease by a scentless, eco-friendly, clear, removable solution. In order to remove the applied paint, the solution can be applied to the paint with either a paint brush or a roller. Allow the remover to sit on the paint for 15 minutes. After 15 minutes the remover will make the paint able to be wiped or rolled off the wall with no harm or residue. Make sure the roller or wipe is damp. You should rinse the wipe and roller regularly in order to keep a spotless surface. In some circumstances applying the remover more than once may be necessary to remove any residue left behind by the paint. Surfaces with deformities or crevices may need more time. The surface should be wiped thoroughly to make sure the remover is completely extracted. OTW paints is now available for resale in retail locations and can be purchased in quart, gallon and five gallon containers.

For more information on this you can go to their website at Here they have posted videos explaining how it works and you contact them with questions.

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