Remodeling Your Bathroom

Eddie Shekari
December 18, 2015

When planning to hire a Houston painting contractor to help remodel your house it?s important to remember that Pro Painters doesn?t just offer Houston painting services, but drywall repair and carpentry work, too! We can fix patches for you, cover holes, or install brand new material, if you would like to expand on to your house and add a new room or guest house in the backyard.

If a bathroom is what you desire, we have some ideas to make it spiffy, on a budget! One suggestion we have is to renovate in phases. This way instead of not getting to do the full dream renovation you desire you can fix the basic parts first for a small fee and then revisit the expensive portion later in the year, when spending the full amount is more financially feasible for you. The results of this mean you will be stunned by a breathtaking end result rather than simply satisfied with a sub par new bathroom.

Simple parts to consider replacing would be the toilet seat, towel rack, light fixture, mirror, shower head, or shower curtain. More difficult ones would be the vanity hardware, sink, tub, flooring, trim, baseboards, or drywall. Often when remodeling you want to pick a specific theme or color scheme and revolve everything around that. In addition, you may want to add certain elements that were missing before, whether it be a linen closet, shelves, or a medicine cabinet, to improve upon the efficiency of the room. If you have problems with leaking you might want to choose to tile the shower with the same tiles you have used elsewhere in the house, such as your kitchen. If you are feeling particularly ambitious, installing them yourself is relatively easy and allows you to avoid hiring a drywall finisher. If replacing the tiles of your shower or floor is just too much work or money, then consider at least doing a deep cleaning of the grout with bleach to remove any dirt that has built up over time.

A penny pincher tactic while personalizing your bathroom remodel is sewing your own shower curtain or using an unusual object, like a big tin, for a trash can. You can even try making your own rustic towel rack by following these steps. Cut pieces of pallet wood with a saw in the size you would like. You will cut two pieces for backing that come out to two inches shorter than the width of your rack. Use 60 grit sandpaper to lightly sand the rough spots on the pieces away. Then apply a coat of stain followed by a clear coat. Once they are dry you can flip it over and screw the pieces together. Make sure to screw just into the pallet pieces so it holds but you don?t see the screws. Last you will apply the hooks to the bottom of the wood with a drill, and voila, you have an authentic looking rustic towel rack!

A bathroom can be a boring place if left designed the same for too long. If updating yours feels too scary then call on us to do the walls for you! We are happy to help any time!

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Eddie Shekari

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