Put Your Paint to Work

Eddie Shekari
April 24, 2015

If your office is looking a little uninspired lately, a fresh coat of paint on the walls might be just the thing to boost your mood and get you back in the swing of things. Refreshing the colors of a work space can help you find new levels of energy and productivity, and Pro Painters can help you choose a color scheme well suited for your job. Pro Painters, a Houston Painting Contractor, will help you put your paint to work in your office. Color Me Successful

Colors have a long history of being influential in terms of mood and thought, two factors that significantly affect how much work we get done. Blue, for instance, is typically a calming color. Green is also a relaxing color, often associated with the natural world. If you’ve got a demanding office with a lot of stressful deadlines, try a soothing blue or green shade on your walls.

If you’d like to add a little spunk and energy to your office decor, going with a more fruit-oriented, warmer color, like orange, red, or yellow can help brighten things up and provide lots of energy and inspiration. Let Where You Work Look Like What You Do

If you’re in a luxury or high-end business, colors associated with elegance are always a good choice. If you want to put your paint to work in this instance, a crisp, solid black or white color scheme, or a combination of the two, will give your office a black tie look.

However, if you work in a highly creative and artistic environment, more festive colors or designs might better represent what you do for a living. Giving the office a vibrant feel can work as an invitation to be as creative as possible.

Obviously, white has long been the most popular choice for health care offices, It doesn’t have to be the only option, though, as pastels can present a clean and encouraging setting for health care workers and their patients, particularly children.

We’re happy to consult with you about color choices for your newly designed office decor. We can help you choose hues that correspond with your work and are consistent with your furniture and style. Contact us today if you have a paint project in mind or would like to arrange a free quote!

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