Pumpkin Painting Fun

Eddie Shekari
November 17, 2017

Fall is a favorite season for many for obvious reasons. The smells, falling leaves, and cozy sweaters are so inviting and something to look forward to every year. We tend to put out so much decor for Halloween that when Thanksgiving rolls around we?re not sure what to display before we go all out for Christmas. Don?t let Thanksgiving fall to the wayside as that in between holiday. We have some fun creative ideas for ways you can decorate pumpkins that won?t become Jack O’Lanterns in the process. Read on to learn more!

Chevron Pumpkins

In order to start your chevron pumpkin painting project, you?ll need: a pumpkin, gold paint, white paint, masking tape, paint thinner, and paint brushes. Your first step is to paint the stem gold. Next, you?ll want to create a chevron pattern using tape at the top of the pumpkin and paint the area above it white with a small paint brush. Following this make another stripe and paint over that one, too, until you?ve gone all the way down the pumpkin. Once the paint is dry remove the tape and paint the bottom of the pumpkin. If any bleeding occurs you can dip the paintbrush in paint thinner to clean it up. And voila, you have a perfectly painted chevron pumpkin to put on display for Thanksgiving!

Polka Dot Pumpkins

For a polka dot pumpkin you?ll need: a pumpkin, gold paint, white paint, dark teal paint, light teal paint, and paint brushes. Just like with the chevron pumpkins you?ll start by painting the stem gold. Then you can paint the whole pumpkin with the dark teal paint. Now you may paint a few large white circles. Make sure to space them far enough apart to leave room for other colored dots. Next make more, smaller dots with the light teal paint and then the gold paint until your pumpkin looks well covered. And just like that you have a festive fall pumpkin to show off!

More Ideas

Other things you can do with these paints: paint smaller pumpkins with all over color and then add a single stripe, polka dots in just one color, or paint vertical stripes that cover from crease to crease across the pumpkin. There are endless possibilities, until you run out of paint. You can also do these projects with different colors, if you?d prefer red or more warm toned paints over the teals. The white is a good color to use because the contrast makes it stand out but you could use black or brown instead over a lighter color background.

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