Prep Practices to Prepare for any Project

Eddie Shekari
July 29, 2016

Before beginning any painting project, it is quite important to guarantee the surfaces are clean. An ill prepped surface will just lead to your cover coming off sooner rather than later. For example, kitchen surfaces around the stove may be stained with grease. This can be easily removed with warm soapy water. If the stains are tough, however, diluted vinegar or trisodium phosphate may be more effective.

Caulking and Patching
Repair any holes and cracks before painting. Caulking is a very quick and easy way to fix cracks. To do so you will need a bucket of water, a sponge or rag, a caulking gun, and caulk. First, start by cutting the tip of the caulk at an angle. This makes it easier for the caulk to come out. Then load the caulking gun with the tube of caulk and test it out. This will allow you to get an idea on how much is coming out. Next, apply an even amount of caulk into the crack. Check to make sure there are no gaps in the crack. After it is applied take your finger and spread the caulk along and into the crack. Wipe off any excess caulk, then wait a couple of hours for it to dry. Depending on your location and the size of the crack, the caulk may take up to a day to fully dry. When the caulk dries apply a second coat, then apply a color match to the rest of the paint on your wall. For patching a hole, first make sure to trim any loose or peeling paint with a wire brush. Following this, mix stucco patch and water in a plastic container. Be careful because the mix dries rather quickly. You should mix only enough for a 20 minute application. After you have done this, use a rubber float to press the solution into the hole. Remove any excess solution with a clean rubber float. Then paint over the patch to match the color of your wall.

Sanding is also a very important part of interior surface prep. The main problem with sanding is the dust. It is important to have the right tools so that dust management will no longer be time consuming. Dust extractors are super effective at debris removal and have a fast cleanup. Business development manager at Festool, Johannes Frick, states ?we estimate that pros using our system will see a 30% to 70% shift in time saving on surface preparation. Festool dust extractors allow you to keep working at a fast pace and can be extended to reach surfaces you couldn’t reach before.?

To ensure all of your surface are prepped correctly you can call upon us, your Houston painting contractor, to do the job well the first time. Remember, we offer a plethora of other Houston painting services to fulfill any need you may have, so reach out to us whether the job be big or small.

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