Premium vs. Economy Paint

Eddie Shekari
June 23, 2017

Whether you?re putting your house on the real estate market, or you?re about to get a new tenant, putting a fresh coat of premium paint on the walls isn?t entirely necessary. New occupants might paint the walls themselves, and it is not an economic decision to splurge on the highest quality paint. The better choice could be economy paint, the lower-cost, less durable paint. Contrastingly, if you?re expecting a paint job to last through the next decade, premium paint could be the better choice.

When thinking about changing a wall color, it?s necessary to consider whether you?d rather pay the expenses of quality paint or have to deal with the constant maintenance of economy paint.

What?s the Difference

Unlike quality paint, economy paint tends to apply less smoothly (which may impact labor costs for you) and will drip, chip, or flake. This will lead to repeat maintenance; this paint easily scuffs and is not washable. In humid environments like the kitchen, bathroom, and laundry room; economy paints have trouble lasting long. However, economy paint is great for rental units with a high turnover rate. Give tenants a fresh coat of paint when they move in and protect your wallet at the same time. It is perfect for: homes to be sold, price-sensitive customers, and low-traffic rooms like closets.

Quality, or premium, paints are more durable and perform better. Made from high-quality raw materials, quality paints can last longer through more wear. Premium paint does not fade as quick and keeps the integrity of the original paint color well. However, the higher-quality means a higher price. It is not worth it to spend more money on temporary paint jobs. This paint is better for more permanent applications where there won?t be another paint job for awhile.

What Should You Use

Choose what is the best paint for you by asking youself about the place, application, and usage. Is there a chance the wall will be repainted in the next few years? Is the room high-traffic? Is it a harsh environment? What is your budget?

Know yourself and your lifestyle as well. Are you willing to spend on more for quality? Are you renting out your property? Are you the type to want Artful Magenta one day and That?s My Lime the next?

What We Can Do

We?ll help you choose the best paint for your lifestyle and make sure to get the job done right, the first time. Pro Painters, your Houston painting contractor, use only dependable, brand-name materials and paints and a variety of skilled techniques to consistently provide innovative looks, superior quality, and outstanding customer satisfaction. Whether Wanderlust is the color for this decade, or Silent Sands is the color of the week, we can help turn your vision into reality on your latest Houston residential painting project.

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