Perfect Your Patio

Eddie Shekari
October 18, 2017

It?s fall in Houston which means we can finally enjoy the outdoors! Now is the time to finally decorate your patio or deck to make your backyard a sweet hang out spot this season. Read on to hear our ideas on how to make your decor fit your home.

Old World Living

You can create an elegant patio perfect for wine drinking in the evenings with a glass table top and matching chairs, surrounded by matching bushes and soft lighting. Just use a stone flooring and add a covered deck to complete your whimsical masterpiece.

Small Wonder

For a more historic home, you can maintain its character by purchasing woven colored chairs and placing them over a brick based floor for a rustic feel. Utilizing different floral arrangements can add some personality to this design.

Built in Kitchen

Some larger houses go so far as to have a covered and uncovered patio with a kitchenette for outdoor grilling and drinking. If you have a house like this, consider buying a table with bar stools or some comfy cushioned chairs and a loveseat for people to dine at with their food.

Green Terrace

What about walk down steps to a little grotto below the patio? These can be decorated with orchids and ferns along the stairs for a green wonderland. Never underestimate the power of plants in solidifying your atmosphere.

Hamptons Inspired

Pergolas work nicely to provide some shade and pair perfectly with a pool. Add blue accents to white furniture and you have a Hampton inspired space of your own.

Built in Seating

Use built in seating to your advantage by having it double as a planter. You can make a garden in the remaining soil area to create a very loungey look.

Regardless of the style of your home, an appropriately matching patio can really bring the look and feel together. If you need a touch up to the adjoining walls of your house, let us know. Pro Painters, your Houston painting contractor, loves taking on Houston exterior painting jobs, because you don?t even have to be home for us to finish. It?s all done, just like that!

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