Pantone Color of the Year

Eddie Shekari
August 30, 2017

Every year there is an official color of the year selected by paint officials. For 2017, the color Greenery was chosen because it is ?reminiscent of new growth in spring time, signals a need for rejuvenation and renewal, and offers us the feel of a fresh start?. Leatrice Eiseman, Executive Director of the Pantone Color Institute, claims that this color provides ?us with the reassurance we yearn for amid a tumultuous social and political environment.? That?s a pretty powerful color!

Greenery?s yellow-green shade makes one long for the outdoors, making it ideal for an inviting entryway. It can also work wonders in a child?s playroom or a bathroom. Utilizing this color will supply a burst of energy to any space. It can be used for accents, like decorative pillows, too. We could even see this in a living room or kitchen, if used in such a subtle way. Regardless of where you opt to put it, Greenery will make an impact on anyone walking through the room. Imagine closing your eyes and opening them to a pop of lime green after walking through a doorway. Such a greeting would help guests feel invited into a pleasant atmosphere.

Nature?s neutral, this shade appears often in architecture, urban planning, and design. It represents a pursuit of vitality and personal passions. So don?t assume it can only be utilized in the interior of your home. Greenery also works well in commercial spaces to provide a bold and charming effect. It works during any season and can be used alongside other colors in many different ways.

A good paint match for Greenery is BEHR?s New Shoot T 14-18. If you are wondering what colors will pair with this, BEHR?s Color Currents suggests navy blue, like Midnight Show T17-17; bright yellow, like Lemon Burst T-17-20; or a warm gray, such as Close Knit T17-01. Close your eyes and picture all of these elements coming together in one space. All combined these will work to inspire a sense of nature and balance within your home or office. You can read here for more color combo suggestions:

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