Painting Typography

Eddie Shekari
August 28, 2015

Every word in the dictionary has a certain aura to it. Some words are bold and rigid?while others are shy and melodic. They each conjure a different image or feeling, which in turn, offers a colorful variety to our vocabulary. Single letters are no different; they all possess a unique persona that builds towards a word?s overall tone. So if words and letters hold so much dynamic power, why not incorporate them into household decorations? Typography wall designs are not only fresh and innovative, they?re just plain fun! A sweeping display of your favorite word, quote or phrase can add a unique and personal flavor to any room. Plus, it?s cheap and easy to do! But remember, you can always contact Houston painting services if you feel the job is too overwhelming.

The first thing you should consider once undertaking a typography project is to think about what you want to say. Try to think of a quote that truly inspires you?or perhaps there is a single word or letter that characterizes your personality. Next, try to find the perfect place for that text in your home. Maybe it would fit best above your bed, or a special place you often read and relax.

After you?ve found that perfect spot, try to decide on a font. Helvetica makes a room feel more balanced and refined, while a Goudy Old Style font might give the room a more rustic sensation. Each font has its own distinct characteristic, so try experimenting to find the one that fits you. Next, decide how big you want it. If the desired size of your lettering goes beyond an 8×10 piece of paper, consider requesting a custom printed text from your local copy store. Also, it?s recommended that you print the words in an outlined setting to save ink.

Once you?ve printed your text, use glue sticks to paste the paper(s) to a piece of poster board of equal or greater size. Now carefully begin cutting out the inside of each letter using a utility knife. Make sure to cut in a complete circuit as well as all the way through the poster board. In order to protect your work surface, it may also be helpful to do this process over a thick piece of cardboard.

After you?ve finished cutting, measure the width of the complete word or phrase with a yardstick. Next, using a pencil, very lightly mark on the wall where the bottom of your letters will rest. This is just a reference line and will be erased later, so there is no need to press down hard. It?s highly recommended that you use a level during this step to ensure your work comes out nice and straight. Align the bottom edge of your freshly cut stencil with the reference line and then secure the edges of the poster board with painter?s tape. Now your wall is ready to be painted!

It?s recommended that you use a roller for this project since it will ensure a more even coat. Every layer should be relatively light, because any excess paint would likely glob and drip outside of your stencil. Once you have your desired shade, let the paint dry for about 30 minutes and then slowly peel back the painter?s tape to remove the poster board. And then?voila! You?ve made yourself a unique and personal addition to your living space; and If you ever need further help or advising with this or other projects, just contact your local Houston painting contractor.

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