Painting a Child?s Room

Eddie Shekari
December 4, 2015

There?s nothing like letting your imagination run wild while decorating a child?s room! It?s a great opportunity to play around with vibrant colors, fun designs, or themes to match the kid?s interests. Remember, you should take his or her opinion into consideration, even if it seems too off the wall, so to speak, to work. Consider using their favorite color mixed with other options from your end. You can always soften the suggested look by bordering it with white or more pastel colors, like a pale yellow, pink, or blue. You can also balance out warm colors like red or orange with cool colors, like blue and green, and vice versa, to produce a similar effect.

Whether you are working on a bedroom or game room, children?s spaces should echo the kind of livelihood of young ones at play, or for teenagers perhaps a calmer atmosphere for studying and hanging out. If you feel you like you can?t handle this on your own, do not worry, we understand. That is why we offer Houston painting services to all surrounding local areas, be it suburbs or city!

When deciding on colors, dark hues may be appealing to some, but bear in mind that they shrink the appearance of a room and lend a more somber mood to the overall vibe, something you most likely want to avoid. Instead of using them in paint, you can try using black metal furniture or black lacquer. You can also use dark colors for an accent wall rather than fully encompassing it to still utilize the color itself without being too overbearing.

Ideas to really keep things interesting are: sponge painting, wavy stripes, color washing, color blocking, ombre, or wall murals. These are easy to repaint once a kid reaches adolescence and wants to change to something more grown up looking. However, depending on the colors involved, these can be kept the same throughout childhood. The color combinations are really what make or break the room in these cases.

As a replacement for layering multiple colors you can simply try using stencils. Having various shapes along a child?s wall can truly add some oomph to a boring space. You can do something as simple as conjoined circles or squares in a shiny silver or glistening gold paint or go for something a little more ambitious. Kids love when their room has a painted or stuck on beloved movie character, to create, for example, a Disney themed room, or wild animals theme for a fun safari feel.
Whatever style you choose, your children will appreciate the outcome of a more personalized living space for themselves. We at Pro Painters know how daunting it can be to take on a project such as this, so we urge you to reach out and contact us, your Houston interior painting company, to ensure the work is done right the first time.

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