Which Paint Shop Should be Your Paint Stop

Eddie Shekari
June 30, 2017

So you?ve chosen the perfect color, and you?re ready to turn your vision into a reality. With so many paint shops and retailers out there, how can you choose the right place for you? We recommend choosing based on what you value in your paint shopping experience. Whether that?s extensive knowledge or the lowest prices, we can help you pick.

Paint Manufacture Companies: Sherwin-Williams or PPG Paints

These stores are able to streamline the paint buying experience by manufacturing and selling their products right to the consumer. This type of paint store has complete control over the consumer experience because they are able to develop, manufacture, and sell their own paints. These stores are best if you are loyal to a brand and want the most knowledge about the range of products it carries. Stores like PPG and Sherwin-Williams even host new product demonstrations and visit job sites to recommend colors and products. They also offer discounts to anyone who buys frequently enough to be a loyal customer and has an account set up. These companies can handle even the most specific technical questions about their products, so you know you?re in good hands.

Independent Paint Stores

Smaller, local paint shops are usually family-owned and have been in the industry for generations. They?ll give expertise about all the different paint brands and keep their store fully stocked with their favorite products, which will come in a larger variety. With a smaller store, your time is valued. There won?t be two separate lines to get your paint mixed and to check out. These stores make it easier to establish a relationship with the representatives; you?ll always have personalized service.

Home Improvement Retailers: The Home Depot or Lowe?s

These large retailers pride themselves in having an extensive range of brands and products. With heavy discounts, free job-site delivery, extended hours, and customer portal for repaints, these stores can bring a lot of perks. They have formulas for every brand and every color with the most competitive prices. The Home Depot and Lowe?s are easily accessible and a great option for those who care most about prices and convenience.

With all paint stores, establishing a strong relationship with a representative is very important. A great relationship will help you get the right tools for all of your projects.

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