Paint your Office to Stimulate Creativity

Eddie Shekari
February 23, 2018

Everyone knows that color affects your mood and this is why we have a whole science dedicated to color psychology dating back to the 1970?s. Interior decorators use this to focus on applying the right shades in the right places of houses, but what colors most enhance creativity and productivity in an office? We have the answers below to help you paint your office to stimulate creativity.

Science of Creative Colors

It turns out that blue, green, and everything inbetween are the chosen ones for this effect, according to a study out of the University of British Columbia. These shades will soothe your soul to help you focus on achieving whatever lies ahead.

Why Blue and Green?

Blue furthers communication, efficiency, and trust while its calming nature opens minds to innovative ideas. Green also enhances creative performance with a low wavelength pigment that encourages harmony and creates a sense of balance. It exists as the second most abundant color on the planet, after blue. Since these hues stem from nature they both evoke the certain type of mental processing needed to perform well at creative tasks. They reduce anxiety and eye strain while promoting brainstorming, making them ideal for use in an office. Green is actually the easiest color on the eyes because it requires no adjustment. Thus, it works wonderfully in offices where employees have to work long hours, such as medical offices.
Using colors to get your creative juices flowing will also help with productivity, and who doesn?t want that in their office space? Imagine every employee feeling inspired on a daily basis from simply being enveloped in blue green walls. Now that?s a pretty picture.

Home Offices Seek Creativity Too

Don?t forget, what works in your office can work in your home office as well. Want to paint your office to stimulate creativity after hours? Try out one of these shades on your walls in the house, too, for another boost of inspiration. Whether you read, write, or make music in your off time, a color best suited for such activities can aide in allowing you to produce your best creative effort.

Paint Samples

What paint colors can help you achieve this magical effect? For a vivid teal-like blue, try Summer Regatta by Ralph Lauren, Pacific Coast Blue by Glidden, or Pacific Pleasure by Valspar. For a more subdued shade, try Whipple Blue by Benjamin Moore, Bastille Blue by Glidden, or Can?t Find my Czechbook by OPI. Our suggestions for a darker green include Chesterwood French Green by Valspar, New Pine by Ralph Lauren, and Deep Jungle by Benjamin Moore. If you want a paler green check out Palladian Blue by Benjamin Moore, Freshwater Green by Valspar, or Sweet Retreat by Clark + Kensington.

paint samples

Liven your Accessories

Sometimes covering a whole wall or room with a bright shade of blue green feels intimidating. We understand this concern which is why we also suggest going for something simpler like painting a piece of furniture or decor instead. A chair, picture frame, vase, or even office supplies, like an organizer, can help you boost the room with the appropriate color while leaving your walls a basic white or gray.

Pro Painters, your Houston interior painting expert, applied the turquoise color Calypso by Sherwin Williams on our new office walls, so we can vouch for its creative powers. We spend half of our time working on Houston commercial painting so we understand the importance of refreshing office walls. We even offer whiteboard wall and blackboard wall painting that could truly bring a modern update to the look of your office. However, we are happy to repaint your building?s interior or exterior this spring, so let us know how we can fulfill your specific needs.

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