Paint Combos to Make You Go ?Ah?

Eddie Shekari
May 19, 2017

Painting brings with it a slew of decisions, one of which is what colors to use and how to use them most effectively for the right look in your rooms. Regardless of whether your project is residential or commercial, the overall feeling created by the surrounding colors inside leaves an impact on your visitors. Read on for some suggestions on how to pair colors the correct way to make the mood you?re looking to achieve in any room.

Pops of Color

Adding bright colors to the room of your choosing creates excitement in what could otherwise be a boring space. You can start with a neutral base and then throw in some vividly colored accessories or an accent wall to achieve this setup. Any colors with high contrast would fall into this category, so think a light color with another brighter one over it.

Rich & Cozy

If warm colors are your thing, you can utilize them in a room to enrich it with a sense of stability and wholeness. Keep your palette balanced so the room appears cozy, not gloomy. Brown, pumpkin, or taupe shades fall within this realm, but also red, yellow, plum, or emerald. So take that beige carpet and pair it with a deeper colored item for the perfect match!

Soft & Serene

Cool colors are ideal for a calming room. Think colors of the sea and sky and how peaceful they make you feel. Pull in shades of violet, pale blue, green, or peach to create this soothing atmosphere. You want to avoid making the room look too pastel, so make sure to layer the softer tones with other more neutral ones to get this setting right.

New Neutrals

Neutrals can encompass more colors than you may realize. They?re not just shades of brown that remind you of the Earth, but white, gray, or muted shades of other colors, as well. Mastering this look can give real sophistication to your space. You can layer these colors with other brighter ones or just keep it chill with a natural ambiance.

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