Office Space Coatings That Last

Eddie Shekari
September 16, 2016

Do you have a new office being built or need some touch ups in your current office space? If you do, it?s important to use the correct coatings to ensure a lasting and low chemical finished product.

Commercial environments require low-or-zero-VOC coatings which are durable and aesthetically pleasing. It?s best to pick a product which will work best for cosmetics and durability. Since flat paint doesn?t hold up well, eggshell may be a better selection for your individual office needs. It works well to focus on what your biggest challenge is so your paint consultant can choose something with an aim to solve that particular problem. This could be high-traffic areas, excessive touch ups, or something else entirely. Maybe you have a lobby where people often lean against the walls and they will require frequent washing.

When hiring a painting crew, make sure to consider where they will need to work during off hours so no people are present or whether it?s possible to work around small amounts of people in the office. Note that painting during off hours will cost more per hour but also move the project along faster having fewer distractions to work around. If there will be bodies present, then using a low-VOC paint is absolutely necessary so the fumes don?t make anyone sick. Door jams or handrails may require epoxy coatings.

These zero and low VOC paints no longer cost a fortune like they did 5 years ago. PPG?s Breakthrough, for instance, is a waterborne acrylic paint which works as a good selection for a low VOC paint. Brian Osterried, a product manager, claims ?It?s?fast drying and brings very little odor for those jobs that require painting while a company?s staff is still in the building [so] you?re not sacrificing anything as far as durability.? Other options for this are Sherwin-Williams? ProMar 200 Zero-VOC Interior latex paint, with long-standing use in office environments, McCormick Paints? Revo Paint + Primer in One, and PPG?s Pure Performance line. While Everest?s ultra-premium zero-VOC line is higher end, it is also ethylene glycol-free and self-priming. Everest?s Spartawall remains popular for offices, too, due to a more affordable price range with good hide and durability. If you really want to go all out, Sherwin-Williams? Paint Shield is actually the first microbicidal paint which actually kills certain bacteria to improve overall air quality. This is great for areas where other materials release formaldehyde, like renovations or new construction.

We here at Pro Painters, your Houston painting contractor, are happy to use whichever coating you prefer for your Houston interior painting project. We are full of suggestions if you have questions and are always ready to help assist with your painting or other construction needs.

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Eddie Shekari

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