New Product Released: Rejuvenate Siding Restoration Coating

Eddie Shekari
August 5, 2016

Sherwin-Williams has been a leading paint provider for nearly 150 years and we here at Pro Painters, your Houston painting company, swear by their products. Sherwin-Williams recently launched their Rejuvenate Siding Restoration Coating, which is an exterior paint and primer in one, tintable to pastel and mid-tone shades, making it a great new asset for us to use for house painting Houston. Rejuvenate paint features SmoothFill Technology to maximize and improve adhesion to create a smoother finish look on older homes with weathered siding.

?Painting on severely weathered siding can be a significant challenge. With two coats of Rejuvenate, you can deliver results that save time and money compared to a conventional exterior coating system,? states Jeff Winter, director of wholesale marketing at Sherwin-Williams. Rejuvenate Paint can be used on wood, plywood, masonry, concrete, cement, block, stucco, aluminum, galvanized steel, or steel. It can also be applied to surfaces with a pH of 6 to 13.

Rejuvenate Siding Restoration Coating is very useful in giving aged siding an attractive finish. Some key benefits of this paint are that it stays flexible, is fast drying, has dependable bonding, and it?s great filling characteristics result in an even finished appearance. It is available in a low sheen which is smooth and easy to clean and also provides a sleek finish. In most cases, no primer is needed, making this new product time saving and cost efficient. Just two coats of Rejuvenate gives a smooth, dependable, and uniform appearance. There is no primer needed so it can take your project from many long and tedious steps to just a few simple ones. Who doesn?t love that?

All the same, you should definitely be aware of what Rejuvenate Paint does not do. It is not designed to reattach peeling paint and cannot penetrate through old paint. It also cannot repair any substrate, be it deteriorated or damaged wood or masonry. Substrates must be repaired first in order for the paint to adhere correctly for that smooth finish you are trying to achieve.

Rejuvenate Siding Restoration Coating is available exclusively at Sherwin-Williams stores across the country, sold in gallons with 660 different colors to choose from. You can also visit their website to find out which stores near you are carrying it. It may take some time for the product to become nationally widespread.

If you feel comfortable applying this paint to your siding yourself then feel free, but if you?d rather a professional took care of your coating then you are welcome to reach out to us for help! We are always happy to lend a hand, especially on exterior projects, which can be rather difficult to reach without the proper equipment, so give us a call today.

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