New Prep Tools

Eddie Shekari
April 7, 2017

With the help of these exciting new prep tools on the market, everyone can complete the necessary prepping step more efficiently and accurately, leading to a better overall outcome.


Hand-Masker Film Blade, 3M

This hand-masker tool puts together tape and film so the masking can be finished in one easy step. The guide bar is a rigid plastic so that the blade is kept steady. This prevents snowflake edges from forming after cutting the film and you won?t waste extra tape to cover empty spots.

Hand-Masker Plastic, 3M

3M has designed a masking plastic to use instead of brown paper because it?s waterproof, doesn?t bleed through, and it has a treatment on it to keep dripped paint from flaking off. The stretch allows it to be wrapped around light fixtures. There is also twice as much on a roll so extra work will move faster and the plastic is even recyclable.

Masking Liquid H2O

Many small windowpanes on a door can be a real hassle. Now you can just brush, roll on, or spray Masking Liquid H2O over a door instead of needing to tape off and mask windows. This way you only protect the areas you want to keep clean. When the painting is complete, outline and cut the hardened masking material and peel it away.


ShurSTICK Paint Masking Tape, Shurtape

This tape is designed to work with any paint on the market, regardless of VOC level, and also other hard-to-stick-to surfaces. It?s fine to remain up for three days and will remove cleanly.

Scotch Masking Tape for Humid Conditions, 3M

3M recognized the need for a tape which could not only stick to low VOC paints but also withstand high levels of humidity, so they created this tape with Humi Bond Adhesive. It works fabulously in humid environments and removes cleanly from interior surfaces in five days and exterior surfaces in three days.

Double-Sided Poly-Hanging Tape, Shurtape

This new tape allows for a one-step process. The premium painter?s tape adhesive adheres to the wall while the other side sticks to your poly-sheeting or drop cloth. This means you can pull it all down in one shot without peeling off any paint.

Drop Cloths

Econo Runner, Protective Products, Int?l, Inc.

The Econo Runner does a wonderful job of eliminating the tripping hazard of most drop cloths because it is made from a woven fabric with some cushioning to it and a coating on the underside that will hold it in place on a hard surface. It stays on marble, wood, or tile, and can be swept or mopped for multiple uses.

Paint Guards, Protective Products, Int?l, Inc.

Paint Guards are an excellent invention because now, instead of removing switch plates and outlet covers to paint, you can just add these on top! They are bendable, friction-fit, hard-plastic covers which work on almost all residential and commercial toggle switches or electric outlets.

Run to your nearest paint supplier today to pick up the items that suit your specific needs before starting your next painting project. If the prep and paint process is too much for you then call upon Pro Painters, your Houston painting contractor, to handle all of the steps of your Houston interior painting project correctly.

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