Necessary Tools for Your Paint Project

Eddie Shekari
July 14, 2017

Whether you?ve been inspired by your summer vacation or your new spirit color, a paint project is now in progress. You?ve already chosen a color and bought the paint, but painting a room is a lot different from that time you painted birdhouses at summer camp. To make it easier on you, we?ve compiled a shopping list of essential tools for your paint project.

Paint Rollers & Brushes

To make sure you cover a large surface area quickly and be able to touch up around the edges, rollers and brushes are the first things that should go in your shopping cart. With new technologies like a roller that stores paint in the handle, a paint brush cover, and touch up paint pen, you can grow your arsenal of paint tools and finish the job faster.

Paint Tray

If you aren?t investing in the paint roller that stores paint, then you need to put the old fashioned paint tray on your list. This will make it easy to get more paint on your roller, keep the original can of paint aside, and to easily move your tray of paint to any corner you need it. Consider buying disposable paint trays, one with hooks for your ladder, or an extra large one for bigger jobs.


Unless you’re 7 feet tall, precision painting for the ceiling can be difficult. In situations where you have to paint details, touch up the edges, or get around the stairs, ladders are great. The Little Giant Ladder is great for complex areas. It has adjustable length on both sides so even using it on the stairs is not a problem.

Drop Cloth

Add a drop cloth to your shopping cart to prevent your floors from matching Lemon Twist on your walls. There are drop cloths that are pre-taped plastic, canvas, and non-slip. You can also fold and reuse these if inspiration strikes again.


Quality painters tape is necessary if you want to keep your lines sharp and your floor and ceiling trims clean. Besides an edge painter that eliminates the step of having to use tape, there are new options like straight edge rippable tape and gel-lined tape, and of course regular painter?s tapes.

If you have any trouble, let Pro Painters know. We love painting and wouldn?t mind helping your latest DIY project. We make sure the job is done right, the first time, so you can get back to you. Pro Painters has been the Houston painting contractor leader in Houston interior painting, as well as exterior, for over 20 years

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