National Painting Week

Eddie Shekari
October 16, 2015

There are rare moments from time to time when something truly special occurs?a time when people open up their hearts and take care of each other. They do it not out of obligation, but because it?s simply the right thing to do. By pooling their resources and manpower, they are able to achieve amazing things and make a major impact on the community. Sometimes something like this only happens once a decade, but for Pro Painters, a Houston Painting Contractor, it happens every year. They call it National Painting Week. During the month of May Sherwin Williams paint supplier teams up with several key painting contractors, and through combined efforts, they paint and refresh hundreds of communities in need. Together they are able to fulfill lives and enrich communities, one building at a time.


Of course, a big job like this takes a big crew. That?s why over 4,600 members of the contractors pitch in a staggering 33,000 hours! The united efforts also used over 8,700 gallons last year and about $425,000 in paints and supplies! In addition to repainting neighborhoods they also spend a great deal of time giving fresh coats to churches, classrooms, and other public facilities. Ben Shuman, the director of the Boys and Girls Club and recipient of the charity work, said ?It?s fantastic that they?re doing this for us, it really, really helps us out?. Seeing and hearing the gratitude from these hard working people can truly make the endeavours even more worthwhile. ?


Getting a fresh coat of paint in your living or working space cannot only offer an aesthetically pleasing surrounding, it can promote a feeling of harmony and wellbeing, especially if it was in dire need of restoration. Looking around your community and seeing old buildings revamped can bring a sense of renewal to a familiar place. The host of HGTV?s Curb Appeal, John Gidding, who is also affiliated with the Heart of Los Angeles, added: ?Think about the impact a colorful, well-coordinated interior and exterior space can have on those that live or work in the space. A small painting project can go a long way, whether painting your own home or updating a deserving community organization.? It doesn?t take much to brighten up someone?s day, just some paint and a little bit of team effort!


Of course, National Painting Week is always in need of more volunteers. It takes a lot of big hearts to make this magical event come true. If you are interested in taking part, be sure to contact your local Houston Painting Service provider, Pro Painters, for more information. You can also get a hold of your nearby Sherwin Williams paint store to find out how you can make a difference. In the end, it?s about putting the needs of the community ahead of our own. It?s about taking initiative and making this world a better place.

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Eddie Shekari

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