Modern Living Room Wallpaper Ideas

Eddie Shekari
June 22, 2018

Wallpaper was a dirty word in the early 2000?s but now its making its comeback with fresh ideas that make you wonder why you ever wanted to toss it in the first place! With so many interesting patterns and bold color choices, it makes sense to pick one for what is usually the largest space in your house: the living room. Behold these modern living room wallpaper ideas to liven up a drab looking space in a matter of hours.

Why Wallpaper?

Wallpaper has been making its way back in style in more recent years as people try to update their homes to a more modern look. Condos and townhouses that grow up instead of out are becoming the norm, and along with the architecture changes come a slew of interior design changes, too. Wooden floors are replacing carpet as the go to, so why not have a wallcovering that pairs wells with it? Wallpaper of yesteryear was often very basic, stripes or predictable floral, but we are moving away from those designs in the 21st century. This is why we want to present to you modern wallpaper ideas for your living room that will make you go ?oooh, aaah? as they get your creative juices flowing to redecorate your house.

Family Time

Your family room should be a space for laughter, couch cuddling, and quality time. Invoke these themes with a wallpaper design which truly speaks to your family?s essence. Textured wallpaper adds a hint of dimension to the walls without making them rough like paint would, so kids don?t have to worry about scraping themselves. A country living room can be brought to life with a floral wallpaper. Try applying it to only the chimney breast, allowing it to really take center stage. A bright color covered with a pattern can also work for living room wallpaper or in any room meant to be filled with conversation. Try using yellow to give a zing to your living room with matching pillows and white in the surrounding area to break up any strong blocks of color.

Wallpaper Elegance

Elegance at Your Fingertips

For a more elegant look in your living space, try using metallic printed wallpaper that will shine just right when the sun comes streaming through the windows. Silver and gold are getting incorporated into more and more wallpaper designs as time goes on. A hand painted wallpaper and wainscoting also give off a regal appearance with their larger than life persona. Gray wallpaper with an ombre effect with charcoal curtains and furniture can lend to a royal look in your living room, too, if paired with the right kind of luxurious decor. Other options are minimalist wallpaper, like a century design, complemented with antique looking decor, or you could opt for a mid-century design out of the 1950?s with a striking color on the wall and a retro looking bed frame or diner accessories to match.

Contrasting Colors

Another living room idea is to have a warm toned, neutral colored wallpaper with white framed artwork on the wall to add contrast. This same concept applies if you want to have an accent chair against a pastel colored wall or a printed feature wall that will stand out compared to the others. A tonal wallpaper with different shades of the same color makes for a striking look, but won?t overwhelm the room either. Another option is to just have wallpaper running from the dado rail up to the ceiling so the bottom half of your walls are white. This not only adds contrast but also saves money!

Subdued Colors

For a more low key looking living area you may want to try something different, like monochrome. A good idea could be an abstract floral wallpaper in black and white with black painted woodwork to help the colors in the room stand out against it. You could consider using a geometric design to spruce up the backdrop of more subtle looking furniture. This can be complemented well with a bright, solid colored rug. Think about using pinstripes for your wallpaper in a soft grey to keep it from feeling too masculine. You can be accent it with hints of gold in the accessories to liven it up a bit.


Welcome to the Jungle

If you have children in the house, you may want to try something bolder. You could go the cute route with animal motif wallpaper showcasing their favorite critter, or try an eye catching jungle or tropical wallpaper with some bright, leafy green that will grab anyone?s attention when they walk into the room. Using a white backdrop for this scheme will allow it to feel light and airy even though you are using a vibrant pattern. You may want to consider embracing nature with some forestry on the walls for a more calming effect. Wallpaper adorned with leaves or clusters of trees can incite spring or fall, depending on the colors involved, and makes a great background for a reading nook.

Now that you?ve read through all of our modern living room wallpaper ideas you?re sure to have some thoughts on what to add to your own walls. If you?re looking for a good wallpaper collection you can read about Sherwin William?s partnership with HGTV to form Traditional Twist wallpaper here. Applying wallpaper yourself is a hefty job, but Pro Painters is here whether you need removal or application of wallpaper in your home. We handle a slew of residential services around the greater Houston area, so give us a call today if you find yourself in need of some home repair!


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