Marvel at the Marble – Venetian Plaster Marble Effect Projects

Eddie Shekari
April 17, 2015

At Pro Painters, our Houston painting services include many traditional interior and exterior painting projects. However, sometimes our clients request a job that involves more complex layering and texturing techniques. One such style that has become popular is the Venetian plaster effect.

The Venetian plaster marble effect technique produces the effect of polished or marbled stone, which can lend a distinguished element to an office or a sophisticated, elegant touch to a living room. Best of all, because this technique is based on layering, we can control how subtle or intense the effect appears.

When creating the Venetian plaster look, we first prepare the painting surface thoroughly, as we would for a standard paint project. We tape around moulding, trim, and inlaid objects like mirrors. Then, we apply a thin layer of plaster, using small spatulas or putty knives. We like the first layer to be a thin, smooth base for the rest of the job. After this initial step, we let the first layer of plaster dry, a process that usually takes a couple hours.

Next, we apply a second layer of plaster, but this time, unlike our normal method, we use broad, uneven strokes and intentionally avoid smoothing the edges. It helps to apply this layer in criss-crossing actions, so that texture is added to the surface. After this step, the plaster must dry, again.

We apply this process a third time, this time smoothing the surface. This fills in gaps left by the second step, but ensures a smooth final layer. Again, we let the coat of plaster dry. You might think watching paint or plaster dry is boring, but we enjoy it, because it means the finished product is coming soon, and we love providing you with a fantastic finished product.

Finally, using a sander, we polish the surface slightly to produce just enough variation in the surface shine. And voila!, a wall that looks like it was carved from stone.

For clients who want more texture, we can apply this last step more significantly to create just the look they like. And, if you’ve got a wall with cracks and other wear, the Venetian plaster marble effect is a great choice, as it will naturally incorporate those blemishes and make them look like well-earned marks of sophistication.

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Eddie Shekari

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