Make Your Front Door a Sign of Welcome

Eddie Shekari
December 22, 2016

When people think of repainting their house, it?s easy to focus on fixing up the interior, where you spend the most time, but don?t forget the impression that the exterior makes as well. Your front door speaks volumes about your home, and Pro Painters has tons of experience with Houston exterior painting, so let us touch up the entrance to your home.

Aura Grand Entrance Paint

Uniquely formulated for front doors, you can get paint of any color from Benjamin Moore?s Aura Grand Entrance line. These paints won?t fade because they retain their color and gloss after going on smoothly. Benjamin Moore swears they are durable and beautiful, which we stand by as well. This paint is on the pricier side for a reason; it will last longer and go on thicker, so keep that in mind.

Color for Your Door

Having a colored front door can really make your house stand out while still balancing the other colors in your exterior. It can provide a boost to the facade of a home while complementing the neighboring landscape and architecture, but choose your color wisely.

Using a bold accent color makes a strong statement yet still mixes well with other shades, namely the neutrals which are usually utilized as the main color for a house. We recommend warm colors, such as yellow, orange, or red, for an inviting welcome.

Cool colors can work well, too, if you are seeking a more subdued doorway to your home. You can choose more saturated colors to burst from encompassing architecture or stick with a lighter shade to draw less attention.

Search inside your home to find an inspirational cue for a color you?ll admire from the inside out. Consider the colors of the entryway on the interior side of your house. When the door opens into this room the colors should make sense, so take a strong accent color or a more saturated tint of a primary internal color to use on your front door. Guests will love seeing how cohesive your look is.

Your Front Door Matters

Regardless of whether you are trying to make a bold statement or just want a smooth transition into your home, your front door should be spot free and tidy for those coming through it. Give Pro painters, your Houston painting contractor, a call today to come repaint it for you so you can start 2017 with a fresh looking home!

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