Lively Color Options for Your Home

Eddie Shekari
February 22, 2017

There are so many rooms to consider when repainting your house, how does one possibly decide on colors for everything? Well, we?ve got you covered! Just read our suggestions for each room of your home.

Enter at Your Own Risk

Let?s start with the entryway. For a modern pop, we recommend Benjamin Moore?s Razzle Dazzle, a hot pink shade sure to shock your guests. You can also try black, as its bold and powerful, especially if you have a tile floor and a mirror on the wall. This will make a lasting impression on anyone who enters your house.

Cherry Cuisine

With so many white paints on the market, how can you choose the right one for your kitchen? We particularly like these six the best: Benjamin Moore?s Super White, Donald Kaufman Color?s DKC-67, Behr?s Silky White, Farrow & Ball?s White Tie, Valspar?s Swiss Coffee, and Sherwin Williams? Big Chill. These shades will help people eating feel right at home in your kitchen.

Sleep Comes Easy

Bedrooms can have a wide range of emotions coming across, but for a subdued one we like Benjamin Moore?s Healing Aloe, which can look gray, blue, or green, depending on the lighting, and Farrow & Ball?s Ballroom Blue, which is reminiscent of the sea.

For a kid?s bedroom, however, we suggest using colors that will age well as the child grows older, such as Benjamin Moore?s Spring Lilac. This color can look more sophisticated with time, as well as Benjamin Moore?s Down Pour Blue, which lasts much longer than baby blue because the marine shade can be switched from nautical to preppy with the addition of green plaid.

Live Loudly

For the living room, Benjamin Moore?s Split Pea, a rather bright green, can pair well with purple accents for a Palm Beach look, while Benjamin Moore?s Purple Haze, a medium shade of purple, can open up floor space with the right furniture arrangement.

Let There be Light

In the dining room, using a bright red, like Lee Jofa?s Holland Flamestitch, shows intimacy and drama when paired with Mustard Yellow and a chandelier. It also goes well with candlelight and can be accompanied by patterned chairs.

Regardless of color selections, Pro Painters, your Houston painting company, would be happy to aid in painting your walls. We have years of experience with Houston interior painting and color selection, so we can help you pick a good option if you are struggling with the decision. Give us a call today!

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