Leftover Paint Tips

Eddie Shekari
October 28, 2016

There is almost always leftover paint once a project is finished, but then there comes the question: what should you do with it? You have a few different options: reuse, recycling, or disposal. You can read on to learn the various ways to put your paint to good use.

Make sure you don?t ever pour paint down a drain or sewer because this will lead to polluting the environment and/or posing a threat to human health and natural resources. Contacting your local city or environmental regulatory agency for guidance before doing anything is always the best course of action.

First off, you should try to buy the right amount of paint. There is a product data sheet on the paint which will show coverage area estimates. Measure the area and then use this to calculate the number of gallons of paint needed for the particular job.

If you plan on keeping some paint for touch ups, make sure to seal and store it in an area where it will be safe from damage, freezing, and burning temperatures. It should also be kept out of reach from pets and/or children. If you have saved multiple paint colors you can always try experimenting by mixing them to create a new color.

If you don?t want to keep your extra paint you can donate it to a school, neighbor, friend, or charitable organization. To find a local person or organization in need of paint go to www.freecycle.org.

PaintCare is a non-profit organization adopted in other states to recycle paint, but we don?t have it in Texas yet, so you can go to http://earth911.com to search for a different paint recycling center.

For disposal of latex paint, it can be dried with an absorbent material like shredded newspaper, sawdust, or cat box filler. Once it?s dry, dispose of it as solid waste. Never throw away leftover liquid paint in your trash. For solvent-based paint, you should save them for a household hazardous waste collection program to dispose of it.

We here at Pro Painters, your Houston painting company, are content to take the leftover paint from the job site when we have finished working for you, so you don?t have to worry about it. We can help you out with various Houston painting services, so feel free to give us a call for assistance with your next project.

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