Kitchen Ideas for Older Homes

Eddie Shekari
July 27, 2021

Everyone deserves to have the kitchen renovation of their dreams, which is why we, the Pros, can not only inspire your home with astonishing interior design ideas for your kitchen renovation upgrade, but we can help remodel it, too! Inspiration is right around the corner, so without further ado, here are some inspirational kitchen ideas for older homes.

Before updating any older kitchen, it's important to test for lead paint.

Pre-Upgrade Advice

Before beginning your kitchen renovation, there is one issue that must be tackled—lead in your kitchen paint. Before 1978, some paints brands contained up to 50% lead, which can be a dangerous metal if absorbed or inhaled—especially in large quantities. 

Safety should always be a top priority, so testing for lead in your paint should be the first step in your renovation process to avoid inhaling bits of paint. This especially applies to any painted cabinets, doors, ceilings, and/or pantries.

It is recommended for professionals to handle this matter, but you can also test it yourself with EPA-approved testing kits, such as the 3M™ LeadCheck™ or D-Lead®. Once you’ve tested your paint, you’re ready to begin the kitchen design process. 

One kitchen idea for older homes is to use bright and fun colors in the kitchen.


Let There Be Light

With kitchen ideas for older homes, one helpful way to add shine to your kitchen is by choosing bright color schemes. While a white-painted kitchen may be the first idea to cross your mind, think about how much effort it will take to remove stains, spills, and messes from your white sheen. Accidents do happen, and while white paint may be a bright color, it can also stain very easily. However, the good news is that there are so many other paint colors to choose from that can add that extra shine to your kitchen. Colors, such as light blue or green, can brighten up the area and give it a unique interior design look—with the added bonus of not having to worry too much about stains! Besides having a bright color scheme, you can also place mirrors around your kitchen to have the natural light from your windows reflect into the room. Hanging extra lights is a great alternative if your kitchen area does not contain many windows. 

Another fun kitchen idea for older homes is to add a kitchen island.

Kitchen Island Life 

Another fun idea that will give your old kitchen a modern twist is a kitchen island! A kitchen island is a standalone structure, such as a table or a countertop, that can match or complement your existing kitchen design. Though installing a kitchen island typically requires renovation of electrical wiring and sockets and plumbing rework, it provides extra seating made perfect for the entire family to gather around to socialize and enjoy each other’s company. It also includes storage drawers or cabinets that can be used to house additional cooking appliances. Because a kitchen island requires some renovation, custom woodwork services may need to be done. Top it off with a specialty wood finish, such as stain, faux, metallic, or quartz stone, and watch your kitchen transform!

New kitchen cabinets can refresh the design of any kitchen in an older home.

Charismatic Cabinets 

When it comes to knives and cutlery, storage is essential for keeping them safe, clean, and primed for display—and what better way to do just that than with a butler pantry? A butler pantry not only provides storage for your cutlery but also adds a chic look that can revamp the aesthetic of your kitchen. 

Open-shelved upper cabinets can serve as an alternative to a butler pantry as they are also spacious and provide a sweet farmhouse kitchen look. They are a fun and attractive way to style your kitchen with a modern approach. Keep your color scheme simple for a streamlined look, add in greenery—such as houseplants—for decorations, or use a variation of heights to draw attention across the entire shelf.

New kitchen sinks can enhance the style of any home kitchen.

To Steel or Not to Steel?

Sinks not only serve a practical purpose, but they are also an additional way to enhance the design style of your kitchen. Farmhouse sinks make a great addition to any kitchen as they provide simplicity and functionality that bring together the look and feel of a farmhouse-style kitchen. However, we know that not everyone may find this specific design attractive. A stainless steel sink is a great alternative that not only has better stain resistance but can also help the kitchen appear brighter. Other advantages of the stainless steel sink include durability, easy maintenance, and affordability. 

Miles of Tiles

Complete your new kitchen look with tiles! What’s great about tiles is that they are customizable, meaning they can be just about any shape, size, and pattern your heart desires. Whether it’s for your floor or wall, tiles are an easy way to transform your outdated kitchen into an elegant masterpiece. 

Transform Your Kitchen with The Pros

These kitchen ideas for older homes are just the tip of the iceberg of the numerous renovations you can make to your outdated home! Searching for inspiration is the fun part of kitchen renovations, but if you are planning to renovate your kitchen by yourself, you may encounter some unexpected problems. Let the Pros help you build the kitchen of your dreams. You can arrange for a free quote and consultation today and receive $250 off any quote over $2,000! Visit our website today!

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