Kitchen Colors

Eddie Shekari
November 17, 2017

PPG paints offers a lovely variety of colors you can use anywhere in your house, but we want to focus on an especially important room: your kitchen. Finding the right shade to keep the area you eat in appealing shouldn?t be ignored. Read on through our list of suggestions to make the most out of your culinary getaway space.

Light Grey

Are you looking for a contemporary look but want your white cabinets and counters to stand out? Try out light grey walls with Husky Gray. This combo makes a nice contrast without breaking up the modern feel. This can create a pleasing neutral for country kitchens.

Pastel Yellow

Hoping for a more than neutral appearance? Check out Carriage Light for sunny yellow walls to provide a bright and cheery look. This works wonders in a smaller kitchen to make it seem larger and more open. White and gray accents will give your kitchen a soft and inviting vibe.

Light Blue

Soft Cloud Blue makes for an uplifting tone because it?s crisp and clean. It works with any cabinets or counters for an overall inviting look. This blue goes nicely in a farmhouse or cute cottage kitchen. The pale blue can help incorporate color into your house without being too wild or intense. The relaxing aura it creates will help ease your mind if you hate mornings or get anxiety during cooking.

Warm Reds

We know that warm tones, red in particular, stimulate appetite, so if you?re planning to put red somewhere in your home the kitchen is the place to do it! Painted Desert Red will work as a wonderful backdrop against any cabinet color you want to stand out, white in particular. White cabinets with quaint hardware gives a country cottage feel while sleek and shiny white cabinets without handles gives off a more modern signal. If you aren?t too sure about covering the whole kitchen this way, try an accent wall.

Pro Painters loves to paint with all kinds of colors for Houston interior painting projects. We can fix up your kitchen or go through your whole house. We are just a phone call away so feel free to reach out for your estimate today.

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