4 Items to Consider when Power Washing

Eddie Shekari
December 31, 2019

Power washing your home can help with various circumstances: grime, mildew, bird droppings, and stains; removing these unwanted amenities will help increase the curb appeal of the house. However, with the removal enables mold to grow to damage your home and your family’s health. When done correctly by professionals, it allows room for the repainting of the structure. Besides the outside of your home, power washing is suitable for sidewalks, decks/rails, fences, etc. Here are some items you need to consider when power washing your home!  


a professional will know exactly the right pattern and movements to make when performing a power wash.

Why You Should Power Wash Your Home 

1. Attractiveness – Instantly improve the look of your home with a power wash and notice the difference right away! Even the dullest and more dingy-looking colors and tones can be brightened on the spot with a little bit of a power wash.

2. Health – You can improve the health of you and your family by getting rid of harmful surface materials like mold and mildew with a power wash. Your home could even benefit from a power wash removing grime and debris after experiencing natural weather occurrences like hurricanes, sand storms, snow, and other more severe weather patterns. 

a good power wash. will prime the area perfectly so that you or a professional team can paint a nice, even coat on the outside of your home.

3. Renovation – You wouldn?t use fresh paint on a dirty wall inside your home, so why would you do so on the outside of your home? If you plan on starting a new project and refreshing the look of your home?s exterior with a new coat of paint, start by giving it a good power wash. It will prime the area perfectly so that you or a professional team can paint a nice, even coat on the outside of your home.

4. Money – Save money on future renovations caused by an ill-kept exterior. An annual power wash can save you from having to spend more money in the future on things like a new paint job and repairs. 


What Is The Best Way To Power Wash A House? 

Before you start thinking that power washing your home is out of your budget, you should know that getting a professional power wash can be done at an affordable price and is dependent on the size of your home.

If you have a larger home, it can take a while to power wash it yourself. Plus, a professional will know exactly the right pattern and movements to make when performing a power wash. To start, the home will need to be assessed to determine the length of time it might take.

Next, the right amount of pressure should be selected so that you do not cause any damage to your home. For example, water pressure that is set too high can cause the exterior paint to wear away, damage shingles, and cause leaking through windows and other small crevices. Adjustments are then made as you go along the exterior of your home and move from area to area. The buildup is removed in an orderly and safe way to reveal a cleaner-looking home. 

power washing a dirt fence

How Long Does It Take To Power Wash A House? 

The time it takes to pressure wash a home depends greatly on the size that needs to be cleaned. Smaller homes might take as little as 30 minutes when done professionally, while larger homes can take anywhere from 2-3 hours. Keep in mind that this timeframe is relevant to those who have extensive experience with pressure washing. In the hands of someone who is not skilled at this type of maintenance service, it might take longer. 

After a power wash

Is Power Washing Bad For Your House?

While you might think of power washing as being more useful for large skyscrapers or office buildings, power washing can be something you can use for your own home as well. Not only is power washing not a bad thing to do, but it can even help improve the longevity of your home. 

power washing

The important thing to take away from all of this is answering the question of why you should power wash a house. Take care of your home, leave the dirty work to us at Pro Painters, and reap the rewards of maintaining a well-kept household. We work with both residential and commercial buildings in the Houston area and have performed our painting and power washing services for over twenty years. Visit us online or give us a call to get your free estimate today.

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