Invite Spring into Your Home

Eddie Shekari
April 10, 2015

In Houston, spring will be here before you know it. If you’re thinking of brightening up your home decor to match the warmer, sunnier days of the new season, consider letting us freshen up the color scheme with a new painting project. We only source paint from top brands, like Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore, and they offer a wide array of choices to assemble the perfect color scheme for any Houston interior painting project.

There are lots of great reasons to start interior paint projects in the spring. The more vivid, floral season invites the use of softer, pastel shades. These colors don’t just work with spring, though. Because they are elegantly understated, soft greens, pinks, oranges, and blues can work throughout the year, and they really make wooden and textured furniture pop. When selecting these pastels, remember that pairing them with a classic accenting color, like a gray or a cream, will help achieve that simply chic look.

During the winter, your windows probably didn’t have much light to let in. But, with brighter days and longer evenings, your home will likely feature a lot more natural light. This can be a great reason to take another look at wall colors, since light changes the appearance of color. If you suddenly find your living room is a bit dark, try a lighter paint shade to reflect more sunlight. When we assess interior spaces, we consider the direction windows face and what kind of light / cooler, morning glow or warmer, afternoon glimmers they receive. This helps determine what colors will work best.

Spring can also be a great time to think about exterior decorating and paint projects. Since the weather will be more favorable, you’ll likely spend more time outside, tending the garden, playing with the kids, or just relaxing. At Pro Painters, we’ve got Houston exterior painting covered as well. We can help you decide on a design that compliments your landscaping and withstands the Houston summer weather.

Pro Painters feels a change in the air already, and we’re excited about helping you welcome spring into your home this year. Keep 2015 going strong by exploring interior and exterior painting projects. Arrange for a free quote and consultation today.

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Eddie Shekari

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