Interior Paint Sheen

Eddie Shekari
March 9, 2018

How much sheen do you need in your home? The best go by to follow is the higher the sheen, the higher the shine, which thus leads to more durability. It can be a lot of choices in a sea of paint, which is why we are here to help you select the right one for your particular case. Read on to learn how each type of paint functions and where it should go in your house.

High gloss

High gloss paint is the most durable and the simplest to clean because it is ultra-shiny, hard, and reflects light. This paint is tough, which is why it is often used on appliances, but it works well anywhere that sticky fingers may touch. We recommend using it on door, trim, and cabinets, so it?s ideal for use in kitchens. You wouldn?t want to use this, however, on interior walls, since it will show every roll and bump. Make sure to do a good job prepping before applying this one!


Semi gloss paint is a step down from high gloss in regards to shine and durability. This makes it great for rooms where drips, moisture, and grease stains can be an issue for walls, like kitchens and bathrooms. We also suggest it for chair rails or trim that will take a lot of abuse.


Now satin paint still holds a high durability, but reveals application flaws, leaving touch ups to be tricky. Since you don?t want to deal with roller or brush strokes aim to get this one right the first time! The luster of satin paint is velvety, making it easy to clean and good for high-traffic areas. It works wonders in foyers, family rooms, hallways, and kids? bedrooms.


Eggshell paint falls right in between satin and flat paint with a flat finish and little luster resembling a chicken?s egg. This paint will cover imperfections in the walls quite well with its medium durability, so it functions best in gathering spaces like living or dining rooms. Anywhere that doesn?t end up with many scuffs or bumps will benefit from an eggshell finish.

Flat or Matte

Matte paint does us a favor and soaks up light with its saturated pigment to provide wonderful coverage. Walls that need parts hidden will love this paint, but it is tough to clean without removing paint along with the grime. The low durability leaves it most suited for adult rooms like master bedrooms where kids won?t be roughing up the walls.

Paint Selection Tips

If you are looking at a dark, rich color but don?t desire a shiny effect go down a level on the sheen scale. The darker a shade is the more colorant it has and that boosts sheen. Also, the higher the sheen the more defects it will show, so bear this in mind when painting a large sun-lit wall with imperfections.

Whatever you choose, Pro Painters, your Houston painting company is there to guide you with Houston interior painting tips. We are always ready to come by and give you a free quote if you decide the work is too much to do on your own. Give us a call or email today if you are looking for some friendly painting assistance!

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