How Often Should You Repaint Your House Interior?

Eddie Shekari
March 28, 2019

You may hear of your neighbors painting their house before selling their home, or new neighbors giving their home a fresh coat of paint. However, even if you do not plan on selling your home or are happy with the color of your walls, it is still essential to update your home with a fresh interior painting every so often. Over time, paint can chip, crack, become muddied by dust and dirt, and become lackluster. Here are a few tips to understanding how to know when your home is in need of a new house painting, answering the question, how often should you repaint your house interior?

How Often Should You Repaint Your House Interior?

Rooms to Keep An Eye On

Children’s bedrooms, game rooms, and playrooms are often covered in scuff marks from playing and running around. Kitchens and bathrooms often experience heavier wear and tear as well due to the higher amount of moisture in the vicinity. Utility rooms such as the laundry room may also need a touch-up or two. Even a high-quality paint job is not immune to the long term effects that daily life has on a house’s walls.

Meanwhile, rooms such as the adult bedrooms, laundry room, living room, and dining room, may need less attention than others in comparison. However, we do have an answer to the question – How Often Should You Repaint Your House Interior? It is recommended for any space that your interior receive a fresh coat of paint every 5-7 years. This is especially important to know if you are trying to sell your home, as you want your house to look new and move-in ready.

How Often Should You Repaint Your House Interior?

Choosing Your Paint

With the knowledge that the rooms you use the most are going to be the rooms that need the most painting, you can choose to use higher quality paints in these specific rooms that can handle a lot of wear and tear. When choosing interior wall paints, the first thing you should do is go with a trusted brand proven to produce quality paint. For example, Sherwin Williams is an established name and offers a variety of paints specific to interior walls.

A good interior paint will likely be acrylic latex, a kind of paint that is less durable than exterior paint but far less harmful in that is does not release harmful chemicals into a closed space. However, less durability can be combated with prep work such as laying down multiple coats of paint and priming your walls with an undercoat. In addition to this, you should pay special attention to areas such as hallways and corridors, where sharp corners and tight spaces exist. For a paint job to look clean and sleek, every little space needs an even coat of paint.

Let The Pros Handle It

Your home’s interiors should be painted every five years, but that doesn’t necessarily mean more work for you. Professional painting services offered by Pro Painters in the Houston area take the stress out of a home update. If your home’s interior is in need of a fresh batch of paint, it’s a job for the pros, who use only the highest quality of materials and painting techniques. Whether you need commercial painting services or residential painting services, give us a call today.

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