Hallway Color Recommendations

Eddie Shekari
February 15, 2017

Hallways are often overlooked, but they shouldn?t be, as they are the link between everything in your home. In choosing a color for this area, keep in mind that hallways are usually on the darker side due to not having windows, so you should aim to use lighter colors. This will reflect the light back to keep the area from looking too dim. An inviting hallway is always a good thing!

Cool & Relaxing

If your goal is to create a neutral looking hallway, you can with relaxing shades like the gray-blue Blue Beard PPG 1042-4 and light gray Gray Marble PPG1002-4. Use Blue Beard as your main wall color and Gray Marble for the accents. Then, you can use Blue Fjord PPG 1163-6 to add more depth and the red-brown Warm Mahogany PPG-1060-7 for any wood.

Warm & Inviting

To add light to your hallway and still weave rooms together like a neutral paint color would, select Swirling Smoke PPG1007-2 for your wall color. Next, you should bring in warm, neutral decor, in paint colors like Prairie Dust PPG1102-4 and Hindu Lotus PPG1026-6. Then, furniture and drapes will look splendid in Afternoon Tea PPG1023-7.

Classic Off-White

If you are worried about making too bold a choice for your main wall color then stick to using an off-white paint color like Toasted Almond PPG1097-3 in your hallway space. Some shades of white tend to feel cold but not these two: Delicate White PPG1001-1 and Cool Slate PPG1002-3. Use Cool Slate for furniture and decor while applying Delicate White on the trim. You obviously don?t want everything to be white, so consider using Chocolate Ripple PPG1078-7 for any wood to bring warmth to the hallway.

Which Paint Should I Use?

Once you?ve selected the ideal color for your hallway, you must be sure to select the right primer product since hallways are high traffic areas. Next, choose the right sheen, like eggshell, which has a low-sheen finish, or satin, which is highly scrubbable. Then, ensure you have all of the required paint supplies for your project: a brush or roller, caulking gun, wiping rag, masking tape, step ladder, sanding paper, and a putty knife. Finally, make certain you prep the hallway before beginning the painting process. Now you?re all set!

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