Halloween Decor Ideas

Eddie Shekari
October 18, 2017

This Halloween stand out from your neighbors by putting some super crafty decorations on display. We have a list of ideas for you that you won?t want to miss. Regardless of what location in your house you feel like showcasing, we have spooky set ups abound!

Front Porch

You can start with some painted pumpkins, instead of carved, on your front porch with a festive rug underneath and lanterns surrounding them. You can try a rug with black and white stripes or orange. To top it off, get some spooky trees with lights to go on either side of the front door.


If creatures are what you crave, go to a craft store and buy materials to make some fun spiders with googly eyes and giant cobwebs from sticks and string. Use your imagination to come up with something super cute or truly terrifying.


For your fireplace, choose a specific palette with just a few colors to keep your look pulled together. Add metallic shades for a well-styled vignette with copper, silver, or gold. This makes for a glam touch. Try hanging a banner across your mantle piece to draw attention at the eye level.


Aiming for a Hocus Pocus scene? You can make your own spell books by taking new books and covering them in a distressed leather jacket for an antique look. Add wine bottles for potion, some painted skulls, and some candle sticks to make a sophisticated set up.


You can make a mummy out of your front door or even a water basin for a different spin on things. Giant googly eyes or eyes made from felt are a nice touch to give your mummy a more comical and less frightening appearance.

Black Cats

Another animal option is to paint pumpkins black and put pointy ears on them to turn them into cats. Use pipe cleaners for whiskers and cut a little triangle from felt for the nose. You can paint on the eyes as well with one of those felt tip markers and don?t forget the stump!

Halloween is one of our favorite holidays here at Pro Painters. If you find yourself needing your deck cleaned or the front of your house touched up before the big night, let us know. We specialize in Houston exterior painting and power washing and we?re always ready to lend a hand. Your Houston painting company is at your service!

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