Green is Good

Eddie Shekari
May 27, 2016

Environmentally friendly paint is all the rage these days. Companies like Sherwin Williams, Dunn-Edwards Paints, PPG, and Benjamin Moore have all jumped on board to make their paint as green as possible. But why, you ask. These paints are specifically designed for commercial or industrial projects, like schools and hospitals, to keep them safe from harmful chemicals, but can be used anywhere! Who doesn?t appreciate less vapors wherever they have to breathe, regardless of location? Houston commercial painting can definitely benefit from these special products.

It started in the 60?s with David Kyle, the executive VP of the Master Painters Institute. He claims the book Silent Spring, detailing the harm of the smog issues in LA at the time, truly began this thought process of needing to take care of our planet. From there, the idea just continued to grow and we have made significant progress in designing new paint to represent these new ideals.

Robert Wendoll of Dunn-Edwards paints says ?During the past 50 years, architectural coatings have gone from being 95% solvent-borne to 95% waterborne, and the VOC content of waterborne paints has been drastically reduced; white lead carbonate and other toxic pigments have been entirely replaced with safer alternatives; mercury biocides and many other potentially hazardous ingredients are gone.? The best part is that despite all of the chemicals being removed, the paint performance has actually improved!

?At Sherwin Williams we have made some major strides in the reduction of VOCs in our architectural formulations with <50 gl voc,? says rick watson, the company?s director of product information & technical services. ?we manufacture our own colorants (colorcast ecotoner), meaning vocs will not be added to any sherwin williams tinted with them and are greenguard gold certified. we also take into consideration leed, south coast air quality management district, california resources board, all environmental regulations applicable marketplace.? green seal certification means works well, reduces waste from using recovered material, protects human health environment. leed (leadership in energy design) has many levels various point systems earn it, including good indoor quality. it recognizes best-in-class building strategies practices so achieve is quite honor. key remember that regardless what paint contains, must durable considered ?green?. reason for this because coatings protect substrates, which provide huge benefits material conservation energy. thus, ?green? equals paint, isn?t cheap, but it?s worth extra dollar buy safer, cleaner project. we anticipate even more progress made on front future, don?t expect green phenomena wear off time soon. pro painters, your Houston painting contractor, wonders what they will come up with next and anxiously awaits for the latest green technology to come through. Reach out to us today for a free quote on your very own ?green? paint project.

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Eddie Shekari

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