Gloss and Sheen

Eddie Shekari
October 9, 2015

By taking the time to find the right gloss or sheen level for your living space you can achieve a more balanced and refined layout. Not only can they be purposeful in the sense of cleanliness, they can introduce an attractive design aesthetic when used properly. The objective is to find what gloss or sheen works well with the room?s lighting. By doing this you can accentuate some areas while downplaying others. Also, by understanding the difference between gloss and sheen, as well as how they are measured, you will be able to determine the right finish for you. It?s always good to put as much effort into determining your gloss/sheen levels as you do with finding paint colors, because they can be equally important. If you feel confused about this blog or other painting concerns, please do not hesitate to contact your local Houston Painting Contractors, Pro Painters, for further information or assistance.

Gloss levels are measured from 0 to 100, with 100 obtaining the highest level of reflective qualities. This measurement is taken by reflecting a beam of light at a 60-degree angle off the finished surface into an electronic receptor which rates its luster. Sheen levels are measured in a similar fashion, but from an 85-degree angle, and they are most noticeable at lower gloss levels. Most painting products have a gloss value or a sheen value, while some have both. When choosing the right gloss or sheen level you should consider the room?s windows and overall lighting, as well as family member traffic. It?s best to determine the right product for the particular job first, and then decide which gloss or sheen level is most preferred among that product line.

High gloss finishes are extremely reflective, but yield an easier cleaning surface. Because they hold such excellent stain-resistance, they?re perfect for areas frequently used by your family. In addition, you will often find higher glosses in kitchens, bathrooms, and children?s rooms. They can also help give depth to an otherwise shallow room. By painting the trim in a greater gloss/sheen rating you can make your rooms feel more spacious and inviting. Furthermore, this technique can grant additional emphasis to certain features of your home, such as doors, paneling, and windows.

On the other hand, low level gloss/sheen products yield a more flat looking appearance and are much less noticeable. They are great for hiding imperfections on the walls if you feel a certain area is a bit rough. High gloss finishes often accentuate every bump and pock mark so keep this in mind when planning out your projects. Most people use low gloss/sheen products in areas such as hallways or laundry rooms. By downplaying certain areas with low gloss/sheen you are able to emphasize other areas that hold a higher rating.

Take your time in planning out your gloss and sheen levels because they are a powerful decorative tool. Although, despite the preparation, it can be a difficult task to gauge what level will fit a specific area best, so it may be helpful to research ways they can be applied. If you ever feel overwhelmed, just remember that professional Houston painting services are always willing to help. ??

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