Flood Repair in Houston

Eddie Shekari
April 29, 2016

Are you struggling to get your house back in order after the recent floods across the greater Houston area? Are you one of the many people in Cypress or Meyerland who suffered multiple rooms under water or your entire house drowning from the rain? Well, we here at Pro Painters are here to help! As your Houston painting contractor, we recognize the express need to assist all of the afflicted people with their particular damage, be it big or small.

The city of Houston estimates that 1000 houses were affected by the persistent flooding last week, causing more than $5 billion in damage. It?s not every day that we experience damage to this extent, which is why it?s so important for us to step up and accept the challenge of lending a helping hand to repair as many of these houses as possible. Remember, a house only becomes a home when you are comfortable living there, and it?s hard to be comfortable with missing carpet or growing mold in your floors and walls.

If you did experience drenched or even damp carpets, be sure to pull them up and prop them up to allow the wet area to dry out. Bring in fans to blow directly on the mats underneath the carpet as well as the carpet itself. If there is a lot of excess water you can sprinkle baking soda over it to absorb some. If you notice black mold growing underneath you can fill a spray bottle with half bleach half water to spray the area and kill the mold.

If your damage covered the entire floor, and the carpet must be ripped out completely, we are happy to aid with this process if it is too much for you to do on your own. We aim to take as much of the work off of your hands as possible!

We not only offer Houston painting services, but drywall as well, and I know most people will require assistance when it comes to repairing their ruined drywall. What risk do you take by leaving your drywall wet, you may ask. Once drywall gets wet beyond a certain point it loses its structural integrity, and will always be soft and weak no matter how dry it becomes over time. If that is the case with yours, we might need to cut out the bad section and replace it, or replace the entire sheet. If you don’t replace the bad drywall it will sag slowly over time in the weak area. One reason why you would not want to attempt this yourself is that the gypsum core that’s laid between two layers of heavy processed paper in drywall is irritating to lungs, eyes, and sinuses, so during installation you must wear masks, goggles, and gloves. Gypsum has a tendency to absorb water and remain wet for long periods of time, which keeps the paper facing saturated long enough for mold to start growing. Drywall mold starts its damage behind the walls, growing in the moist environment and sending thousands of mold spores into the home. As it covers the outer surface, it adds an ugly black stain on your wall’s surface. Eventually, this stain will mature to include musty smells, peeling, cracking paint, and bulging marks behind the paint. No one wants that!

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Eddie Shekari

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