The First Coat is The Deepest: Painting is All About Preparation

Eddie Shekari
February 6, 2015

Success, as the old saying goes, is 99% perspiration. At Pro Painters, a Houston painting company, we believe hard work produces results. We also know that much of that perspiration comes from preparation. Ultimately, a paint job can only be as successful as the preparation that made it possible. This is especially true for Houston exterior painting, where paint jobs need to withstand severe storms and intense sun exposure. Preparing an exterior surface for painting can save money by significantly extending the life of the paint. Here’s how we guarantee the success of our work, with smart and consistent preparation:

Step 1: Out with The Old

The first step in any paint preparation is to clean the surface thoroughly. We recommend pressure washing surfaces like siding in order to quickly remove dirt and grime. As an added benefit, pressure washing will remove some of the old, flaky paint as well, meaning it will take less time to scrape off that old layer. After cleaning the surface, eliminating the remaining old paint is crucial. We need to get down to the surface in order to make it look shiny and new with a fresh coat.

Step 2: Smooth and Steady

Once the old paint is completely removed, it’s time to sand the surface and fill holes and blemishes, so the paint is applied evenly and smoothly to those areas. Depending on the size and shape of the holes, they can be filled with a putty, and cracks can be caulked to prevent water pooling. After these areas are sealed, applying a primer is incredibly important. Because primers can react differently to various surfaces, we consider what type of primer will work best with the surface being painted.

Step 3: Even Flow

We don’t want your paint job to look clumpy or suffer from “alligatoring”? so we use only the necessary amount of coating in an even, steady application. We also apply the final coat at the proper time, when the primer is most receptive to the paint. This helps the paint stick and avoids leaving splotchy areas.

Our commitment to these preparation techniques reflects our belief that what’s underneath ensures an outstanding exterior. We have been painting Houston proudly for twenty years.

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Eddie Shekari

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