Extreme Cover Blocks Stains

Eddie Shekari
September 18, 2017

Do you ever notice gross stains on walls and wish that there was a paint that could repel them? Well, now there is! Sherwin Williams has just released a new product that will block against stains called Extreme Cover. This product is going to change the way we view paint jobs with the added science of keeping walls cleaner.

This amazing stain blocker works as a primer and paint in one, so you can save time, money, and resources. One less thing to buy for your project is always a win! Plus, if you have kids at home or work in an environment where things get sticky, this could be the perfect paint for you! Such a product works wonders on repaints in commercial and residential properties because it protects against grease, grime, cigarette smoke, and food stains. Thus, no matter who may be walking through your space, and how dirty they may be, this paint will protect your walls from feeling the effects of it.

Regular paint just doesn?t stand a chance against this innovative new cover. Rather than going through the trouble of using primer, paint, and a sealant, this product will finish the job for you in one fail swoop. We?re thankful Sherwin Williams has a team of product innovators dedicated to coming up with solutions to age-old painting issues. Their hard work pays off once something like Extreme Cover is released and utilized by professionals and amateurs alike.

Extreme Cover comes in flat and eggshell sheens, now being sold at Sherwin Williams stores across the country as of this summer. You can even tint it to pastel and mid-tone shades if you would like to adjust the color. It also lends to an excellent final appearance. Once applied, the strength of the paint doesn?t take away from the shine or shade that it holds.

Pro Painters, your Houston painting contractor, stands by Sherwin Williams products for our projects. We use them 99% of the time, regardless of whether it is for Houston interior painting or exterior, residential, or commercial. If you need assistance upgrading your walls with this stain blocker we would be thrilled to come out and take care of it for you. Reach out today and let us give your home or business a boost in time for fall!

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