Exterior Maintenance for Your Home

Eddie Shekari
June 12, 2015

There are numerous things that can happen to the exterior of a Houston house between paint jobs. To keep those jobs as far apart as possible, a little maintenance on exterior surfaces can go a long way. Whether the problem is spots, stains, dirt, chalking, or fading, a lot can go wrong with your paint, and it?s your job to put a stop to the elements doing their dirty work on all of your beautiful exterior surfaces.


Dirt is also something that should be watched on your exterior. Dirt, like mold, can start out as an eyesore but can soon become embedded in the paint itself and turn into a much bigger problem. The best way to remove dirt on a home exterior is with a pressure washer. A pressure washer can also help eliminate some of the atmospheric salt accumulation on your home that might not get washed off in the rain. Salt deposits can build up under the eaves or other places that don?t receive moisture from rainfall and impact the adherence of new paint in the future. All that?s really needed for salt removal, however, is a quick dousing with a garden hose so if you aren?t breaking out a pressure washer for your whole project then you have no need for one to disperse accumulated salt.


Chalking occurs when paint begins to come off on contact with hands or clothes, and it?s one of the major issues with buying cheaper brands of paint and using them on exteriors. If you?re stuck with this annoyance, then you?re probably paying the price for a poor paint choice in the past, or you may have just been saddled with a home previously painted by a stingy predecessor. The solution is not too arduous. First, discern how badly the paint is chalking by using a wet rag and applying it to the surface to see how much of the paint comes off. If it?s such a problem that the paint is fading where touched and large amounts are being transferred after contact, then it might be a good idea to go ahead and repaint with paint of a higher quality. Quality paints will rarely chalk because of their superior pigment content and their better ability to bind the pigment within a continuous film. That being said, most moderate chalking problems are amended with a quick pressure wash.

Fading Paint

Fading paint can also be a result of chalking, because when paint chalks, it naturally lightens. Paint is expected to fade some as it?s exposed to sunlight and the elements, but this fading should be fairly gradual and pleasant. If your paint is fading too much, then unfortunately, it?s time to repaint. Make sure that the same mistake isn?t made twice and that you purchase some paint that specifies its fade-resistant qualities on the can itself. You?ll also want to make sure that the substrate you?re painting on is fully prepared for the new coat.

Whatever your maintenance needs, Pro Painters, a Houston painting contractor, can get it done for you with friendly, professional, and hard working staff. No project is too big or too small for the Pro Painters team, and we?d love to help in any way that we can. Give us a call at 281-584-6823 for a free quote.

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